I am getting very nervous. My computer has crashed. It would restart after going through this message -- checking file system on C. This type of the file system is FAT32. After that, it would start ok. But at times, it would give me a blue screen of death -- A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. What's wrong? And could anyone tell me how to do a recovery disk to restart the computer? My computer does not come with a recovery disk and i am very nervous that my computer could crashed anytime.
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That error is typically due to bad RAM or a bad Windows driver.  Swap the RAM out for ones you know are good.  If you don't have any, try the diagnostic program at, but there's a remote possibility that it will pass the test and still be bad.

To fix corrupt Windows drivers, you can do a repair install: 

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erestorAuthor Commented:
I do not have an XP start-up disk. Is it possible for me to create a recovery disk? If so, how?
What you are referring to is an emergency boot floppy, but it will not work if the WinXP OS is corrupted.  Without a startup disk, the best you can do is get Ghost2003 and make a copy of your drive, so that you have another hard drive that can boot.
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erestorAuthor Commented:
Ok -- let me summarize --- so the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA could be caused by a faulty RAM stick or drivers that are not updated. I have did a bit of digging and found that the anti-virus Norton 2003 could also caused the error.

I can't get my RAM sticks removed until I get someone to open up my computer -- I am just too afraid to touch anything inside! I am also not quite sure what a RAM stick look like.

I removed Norton anti-virus and prayed that it it THE problem and not a RAM problem. I have pretty high hopes that Norton is the problem as the computer first crashed when I scan my computer. I downloaded AVG antivirus which I was told is compatible with XP. When I started scanning, my computer crashed again. I could only restart the computer after half an hour.

As for friend bought the same computer I have and she has no probem. So I don't think it is a driver problem.

The computer shop I sent to earlier for the problem claimed that it is a RAM problem and removed a 256 stick, leaving behind the presumably 'good stick' and added 2 more 256 sticks of RAM. I suspect the 'good' stick is also corrupted. What do you think? Could it be a motherboard problem instead?
erestorAuthor Commented:
I am now very sure it is the scanning that caused the restart problem. I tried to scan 3 times in a roll and each time, iit crashed. Both Norton and AVG caused the same problem. After they scanned, the computer would restart with the message that they have to go though the FAT32 system file to check the file allocation. Could a faulty RAM caused that or is something else totally???
Try checking the RAM with the memtest86 diagnostic program at - it's not as complete as swapping your RAM out, but you won't have to open the machine, and if it fails, you can be reasonbly sure that there's a RAM problem.  Another troubling symptom you mention is the inability to restart the computer until half an hour.  This may point to a power supply problem, but unless you have a spare power supply lying around, hold off on that for now, and see if the RAM looks ok.
erestorAuthor Commented:
I passed the RAM test. I picked up my courage and opened up the machine and took out the offending Ram stick I *think* that is giving me the problem.  After that, I am able to run through the scan test without crashing. So far, my computer has not crashed.....yet. I would get back to you after running through the computer with different programs. Crossing my fingers......
erestorAuthor Commented:
Hi! I have run the computer for close to 10 hours and it has not crashed. So I believed that the RAM stick is at fault. A lot of people have been telling me that it cannot be the RAM stick because if it is RAM problem, I should not be even able to start the computer. So, thanks for the help.
Hello all,
Just to share that I had the same error message. For me it was nothing to do with any physical RAM problems etc.  It happened after I installed McAfee Viruscan and System Mechanic.  I do not know if it was one or the other or the combination of both or if I went too far (too enthusiatic) with doing all the stuff System Mechanic could do (fix all registry problems, find all redundant files etc etc)

In any case, I had to do a repair cum install as recommended here : 

After 1 hour of following on screen instructions - basically what you will go through is a repair and an installation of the OS (not a new 2nd instance of the OS but a ' repair ' one that sort of overwrites the existing.  However, it does as much as possible migrate all your existing settings to the 'new' OS - so at the end of it all - you will still get your familiar settings before the blue screen - ie as if nothing had happened but just 1 hour plus of your life.

(you will however lose some XP customisation - startup bitmap etc, but that is nothing compared to the fact that some moments ago - you had a face to face with the Blue Screen of Death of XP)

I had the same problem. and as was said, it was the memory. Swapped it and windows ran sweet as..
Thanx for the info
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