How can I tell which service packs are loaded in Delphi ?

I have just installed update 1 for Delphi 7, however the 'about' screen still shows the original version number and Build number. Is there another way of finding out if the update has been installed?

Thanks in anticipation
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
The SysUtils unit has the following variables that are set with the proper information:
  Win32MajorVersion: Integer = 0;
  Win32MinorVersion: Integer = 0;
  Win32BuildNumber: Integer = 0;
  Win32CSDVersion: string = '';

But you're talking about the service pack of Delphi itself, I assume? Not the Windows version number... Well, if the build number hasn't changed then I would assume the service pach has not yet been installed. But the service packs are smart enough to detect if you've already installed them or not. Try to install them and they will warn you. (But it seems to me you don't have them installed.)
alanjbrownAuthor Commented:
I have just re installed the update. There was no warning that it was alredy there and the build number is still the same.
 So I still don't know if the update was successful.

Any other ideas?



Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
It could be that the major version number might have changed a bit. E.g. from 7.0 to 7.01 but I'm just not sure about it. It could be that your version of Delphi didn't even need to be patched or perhaps only the sourcefiles and *.DCU's in the library have been patched. Which version numbers does it show now?
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alanjbrownAuthor Commented:
7.0 (build 8.1)
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I've checked,1410,32337,00.html and it says: (Borland BDN membership required to read it)


The final dialog of the update installer indicates whether the update was successful. You can also:

* Open Delphi 7 and use "Help | About" to display the About Box. The product version should be:  
  Version 7.0 (Build 8.1)  
  (Before applying the update, the version is 7.0 (Build 4.453).)

* Use the file list in "FILES INSTALLED BY THIS UPDATE" below to verify that the correct file versions are installed on your machine.

Version          Path and File Name
-------          ------------------          <InstallDir>\bin\coreide70.bpl
7.1.1523.17956   <InstallDir>\bin\dbexpdb2.dll
7.1.1523.17956   <InstallDir>\bin\dbexpInf.dll
7.1.1523.17956   <InstallDir>\bin\dbexpInt.dll
7.1.1523.17956   <InstallDir>\bin\dbexpmss.dll
7.1.1523.17956   <InstallDir>\bin\dbexpmysql.dll
7.1.1692.666     <InstallDir>\bin\dbexpora.dll          <InstallDir>\bin\dcc32.exe          <InstallDir>\bin\dcc70.dll          <InstallDir>\bin\dclclxdb70.bpl          <InstallDir>\bin\dcldb70.bpl          <InstallDir>\bin\dcldbx70.bpl          <InstallDir>\bin\delphi32.exe          <InstallDir>\bin\designide70.bpl          <InstallDir>\bin\dfm70.bpl          <InstallDir>\bin\orbpas45.dll          <InstallDir>\bin\tlib70.bpl          <InstallDir>\Debugger\DCC70.dll
                                  Windows\system32\adortl70.bpl          Windows\system32\dbexpress70.bpl          Windows\system32\dbrtl70.bpl          Windows\system32\dsnap70.bpl          Windows\system32\dsnapcon70.bpl          Windows\system32\rtl70.bpl          Windows\system32\vcl70.bpl          Windows\system32\vcldb70.bpl
7.1.1692.666     Windows\system32\midas.dll
                Common Files\Borland Shared\Debugger\dcc70.dll

Thus, your version seems to be the correct one. Maybe it was already updated before you tried to update it? Just don't know why they call it the 7.1 update if it's still version 7.0 though...

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alanjbrownAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the info.

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