does anyone know where the wallpapers are stored on the computer when you apply an wallpaper using the popularscreensavers toolbar???....

is it possible to save these images???

is it safe to use this toolbar???

thank you
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No free lunch :-)

you download the screensaver you get popup ads....

I would download these screensavers to my system, so I can't tell you if you can save it or not
bobsensorAuthor Commented:
sorry.... I really don't uderstand your answer???
I think he meant to say he "woudn't" download these screensavers.  They usually are the means for advertisers to get pop ups and spyware to your pc.  You don't just get a free screensaver.  
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bobsensorAuthor Commented:
ok thank's trymelatr...
Just more crap that will screw up your computer. Stay away from all these "free" useless programs for screensavers, etc.
Hey listen these things are dangerous if you must use them have a good spyware remover i recommend ad aware or spybot search and destroy keep them up to date i believe you can get both of them completly free from www.download.com any way the screen savers are in

root:\WINDOWS\system32 (root being your drive letter C: D: E: etc etc) any way the program is not dangerous in itself but it does give spyware and other potential malicious programs if you want any more information dont hesitate to ask
In reference to downloads.com, I beleive you can get free screen savers from there as well as the spyware removal tools. I also highly recommend those tools.
I agree with luv2smile, those screen savers that you download from places like downloads.com are full of adware and spyware.  A while back I installed one and ended up with tons of adware and spyware.

You also mentioned you wanted to know where the wallpaper is stored:
Either in:


I dont recomend ww.download.com, their utility and software are very outdated. They didnt seem to update their database. That's wat I found outl.
ok well i would have to agree with that assesment of download.com however they are at the very least a usefull tool to find a variety of programs to do certain jobs if you know what i mean heres the addresses for the programs



There ya go give them a try if your using spybot search and destroy i reccomend you activate teatimer theres 2 main reasons

It gives you an idea of what changes these malicous programs are making without your knowledge

And second but no less important it will give you an idea of how well your firewall and/or popup blocker is doing for instance if it shows a warning every five minutes then change the firewall

Good luck

and binary i heard a great saying there a while ago you might already know it

"theres only 10 people that understand binary those who do and those who dont" haha

Take care guys

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