cant get text to blink

Hello experts, i have the updated IE and my text wont blink here is how i am doing it, i want the word "new" to blink
<A style="COLOR: black; TEXT-DECORATION: none" href="toolrequest.aspx" target="_top">
<asp:label id="Label12" onmouseover="mouseon2('label12')" onmouseout="mouseoff2('label12')"
runat="server" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="11pt" Font-Names="Bookman Old Style">Tooling Request Form</asp:label><font color="red">
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Try to put in


in the <A> tag instead of text-decoration:none
tentavariousAuthor Commented:
nope didnt work.  Still wont blink does it matter that its in a Iframe?

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I think some versions of Opera, and the relic Netscrap 4 are the only browsers that have ever support the blink tag.

You have to script it:
<script type="text/javascript">
obj=; x=;
function blinkIt()
   obj=document.getElementById('blinkText');'red')? 'white' : 'red';
fire it from the onload:
<body onload="x=setInterval('blinkIt()',100)">
and do the text this way:

<span id="blinkText">this text blinks</span>

Then throw away the code and don't use it because there are very few things that are more annoying on a web page then blinking text.

Blinking text is on a par with animated flying birds, auto popups that lack close options, and spam. The only thing worse IMHO are viruses.
This code also uses Timers, but with "visibility" option.

<title>Blink Text</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
onload=function() {
function blink_text(div_id) {
  // If the text is hidden then display it, else hide the text.
  if (document.getElementById(div_id).style.visibility=="hidden")

  // use the timeout to run the code every 500 miliseconds
<div id="blink_text">hello world</div>
tentavariousAuthor Commented:
I know blinking test is annoying, but that's what the boss wants, hard to argue with boss.  Thanks for the help
Glad we could help.  Thanks for the A. :^)

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