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Grab TreeView from another app.

Can anyone convert the PrcMemMgrTestForm unit by Michael Winter
to grab a TREEVIEW instead of a ListView?

Get the source for it here: http://home.foni.net/~winter/download/PrcMemMgrTest.zip

Here is a sample of how to use it (with a listview)
Eddie Shipman
Eddie Shipman
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Wim ten BrinkCommented:
Listviews and Treeviews are special Windows classes and Delphi just created a wrapper around those Windows classes. This source uses the WINAPI Listview commands from the Commctrl unit to retrieve the data from another process. Or, even simpler... Delphi created some API-like functions around the SendMessage system to pretend there's some kind of API here. To convert it for a treeview, you should look in the Commctrl for Delphi's treeview-related functions. E.g. TreeView_GetRoot(), TreeView_GetChild(), TreeView_GetFirstVisible(), etc...

Too bad it's a bit too complex for me to try to convert it. I dislike GUI's anyway. I do more with background tasks and unattended processes.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAuthor Commented:
I've already tried to use the Treeview Macros when EnumChildWindows to get a treeview. No go.
I did not try to modify the aforementioned units to use TreeView messages instead.

BTW, The TreeView_Get... and TreeView_Set.. macros are also wrappers for the SendMessage
functions instead of actually calling the real TreeView_Get/Set... macros.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAuthor Commented:
I don't think any of the treeview macros will work for this because of that.

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Wim ten BrinkCommented:
Closing and refund are fine by me. :-)
I'd suggest to PAQ this question, though. Maybe in the future someone might find an answer for it, or it could be useful for someone else.
Thank you, Workshop_Alex. I have changed the closing recommendation to PAQ / Refund.

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Question PAQ'd
350 points refunded.

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