Problems opening and closing word documents in Citrix Metaframe XP

I have a few users that use citrix in a remote office or at home and they are experiencing problems when opening word documents which are saved on our file storage server or opened through our oracle based database program.

When they double click on the word document it comes up with a box that says [Word cannot open the Existing"♦ ] Exactly how it is in the brackets. When you click the okay button the word document opens properly and you can do everything normally.

When you go to close the document after viewing it it comes up with another box saying [ The file Normal already exists. Do you want to replace the existing file?] Again exactly how it appears in the brackets. With the Yes , No and  cancel buttons underneath the message. When you click no it opens the save to a location window and you can choose to save the file somewhere else. This shouldn't be happening at all and the file has not been edited so no need to be saving it. You then click cancel and the previous messages reappears  [ The file Normal already exists. Do you want to replace the existing file?] you then click cancel and the word document closes. This is only happening to 3 of the users so far and have had no other complaints from the other 16 users.

Can anyone help on this or has anyone experienced the same problem? Thanks in advance.
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I have not come across this problem before but off the top of my head you could try the following:

Get the users to locate their Normal template, which can usually be found in the C:\Documents And Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates folder. If you are browsing to this location in explorer you will need to set it to show hidden files and folders. Rename to Normal.old and then restart Word. This will cause Word to create a new Normal template and may resolve the problem if the old Normal template was corrupted. You DO NOT want to be saving documents over the Normal Template, which is the default Template which Word documents are based on.

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proltdmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply. I have tried this and still doing what I have described above. I think the 3 people may have corrupted their profiles as they seem to be the only people that get the error. I will just test and recreate one of the profiles and see if that solves the problem.
How did they get those files?
I had a similar but to equal problem as your with usb pen. I had copy an file with it still opened in excel and then removed the pen without the removal procedure. The file went corrupted with some strange messages somewhat like yours!

Probably those persons got that file corrupted
proltdmanAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your replies. I have figured the problem out and it came down to security on the actual drive the word docs were being stored on. I have given the correct permissions and the problem has been solved.

Thanks Again
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