What pins on RJ45 connector are recieve/transmit?

Hello all,

I have an RS232 connector as follows:

3 > TD
5 > RD
7 > RTS
9 > CTS
11 > DSR
12 > RCVRDY -
13 > SIG GND
14 > DTR
19 > RESET -

Now, I need to connect the RS232 pins 3 and 5 (transmit and receive respectively) to an RJ45 connector. I need pin 3 as Transmit and 5 as Receive from the RS232 to connect to the RJ45 so I can connect it to my sniffer to capture data.

What pins do these connect to on the RJ45 connector?

Reference question: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Q_21199076.html, was ended prematurely.
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Check this link, it spells your RJ45 to RS232 issue out pretty clearly.

Pins 1,2,3, and 6 are used: http://yoda.uvi.edu/InfoTech/rj45.htm
Here are the pin matchups from the original question:

RJ 45 Jack <->  DB9F

CTS 9  <-> 7 RTS
DTR 7 <-> 1 DCD
GND 6 <-> 5 GND
TX  5 <-> 2 RX
RX 4 <-> 3 TX
DCD 3 <-> 4 DTR
RTS 1 <-> 8 CTS
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jayrodAuthor Commented:
tt, you left no link :)


The real problem I have, is that I have a single wire (not pair) on the RS232 for TX and a single wire for RX. On the RJ45, ALL references to it that you provided me show a TX + and TX - and RX + and RX -.

I can't map that TX on the RS232 to two wires (one pair) on the RJ45.

Does that clear up my problem?

Thanks for all the comments.
Maybe this diagram is better: http://www.filibeto.org/sun/lib/hardware/netra_t1-105/netra_t1_serial_pinouts.html

RS232         RJ45
pin5 (CTS) -> pin1 (RTS)
pin6 (DSR) -> pin2 (DTR)
pin3 (RXD) -> pin3 (TXD)
pin2 (TXD) -> pin6 (RXD)

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jayrodAuthor Commented:
Thanks Callandor, I think that is exactly what I needed.

Appreciate the help.
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