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Here is a scenario that I need help with.  I know what I think is the correct answer, but would like someone here to tell me what they think.
- I have a single root-domain, say it's called "".
- I have two offices, East and West, and would like them to both authenticate against the DC's and share the same resources.
- I would like, however, to have the "East" or "West" prefix added to the machine name, and *some* way of telling whether the machine is East or West when looking in Network Neighborhood.

Let me hear it....
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What's your connection between the two?  VPN?

I'd setup a DC (or two) at each site and run things that way.  To see "East" or "West" prefixes, you'd need to make the computer names start like that.

In the past you could setup resource domains with NT4, but this isn't really practical in 2000 (though I suppose you could do it).
tenoverAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought....connecti on is VPN.
So you're saying a DC (or two) at each site for the root domain,  but I thought for the machine names to show as "East" or West", I could create two OU's within my root domain, called "East" and "West", drag the appropriate nodes into each OU, and then through a policy (hopefully), have the nodes in "West" add a "west." prefix to their DNS entry, no?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Interesting thought - I've never done that kind of thing before.  I would definitely segregate the sites into their own OUs (east, west).  Dynamic DNS uses the computer name as set when the PC is setup, so you really can't add a prefix, as far as I'm aware.  

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You'll have one domain with two sites (the two offices). In every site it's good to have one (or more) domain controller(s). One is very important because it will have the roles of: Global catalog, DHCP server, DNS server for that site. Every site will be a network, and the two sites will connect thru routers. Depending of the connection speed, you will configure replication to occur more or less often.

In the company I work, the computers can be distinguished by name, specifically the first 5 characters are the symbol for type and location. The symbol for location in your situation can be west or east, and the computer names like

where is a number padded left with zeroes: west0010 or east0123 can be computer names.

The computer name cannot be changed thru policy.

If you want the prefix to be in the name of the computer you must create two domains. In that situation, the computer name WS001 will be: when is joined to and when is joined to

but I think the management will be complicated, because there will be two domains instead of one (trust relashionship).
If all you want is easily distinguishable machine names then you just create them as you're installing your pc's.  You can't force a machine name change through policy, that'd be a big security no-no.

You can go with the 2 domain thing, but that's a lot more overhead that you don't really need if all you want is to easily recognize machines in network neighborhood.  Since you have to create machine names manually anyway, just build east/west into the machine name as your installing them.
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