left side of printed page is cut off in OE 6

When I print an Email in Outlook express 6, it cuts off the left side.
It only cuts off 1 or two characters. I have updated my driver for
my printer which did not help.
Please advise
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Hi mheinemeyer,

Check this

OE gets its printing capablities from IE.
Make sure your IE is fully updated
First print an html page in IE to see if it would be fine. If not , fine check the margins etc.
If everything is OK , print from OE and check

mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
I have no problems printing from IE. It is just my email messages.
Make sure OE is the default email client

then open IE
go to file > pagesetup and check the margins.
press OK , come out. Open OE and check now..
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mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
I have checked margins and are set at .25. I have tried different margins and it has not
helped. OE is the default mail client and there is no other mail client is installed.
I have played with the page setup message and it has not helped. I did find a solution
though on another website...It said to try and check the background printing option.
I did and it fixed it though not sure why. What does back ground printing have to do with
a plain text message. For example...if some sent me a message saying " how are things?"
The H in HOW would be cut off when the page was printed.
I also did see about background printing options but never thought that would be applicable here.

may be it is to do something with the format of the email that you get.

can you test emails sent both in plain text format aswell HTML to see if there is any difference

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mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
No Difference between plain text and HTML.
If I print an Email from Office depot in HTML or an email that is plain text from someone
just saying...HI, it still cuts off the left side...diffently strange that the background printing option fixed it
I am rather sure you have issues with only HTML mail. HTML mails can contain formatting information, which gets lost when you disable background printing.

I am rather sure your text mails will print fine. Please ckeck.
mheinemeyerAuthor Commented:
text mail did print fine. I went back and unchecked the background printing option
and it cut off the left side again. Rechecked the option and all is fine again.
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