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Can you give me a vbscript code or something else to not allow the user to print the page content?

Please help me!!!
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Its impossible dude. You cannot prevent it.

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Even if you could disable the print, you could not prevent them from using print screen because that is in firmware.  You also could not prevent them for using the cache version of the page.

You could use a print specific style sheet that messes up the page for printing, but you still could not prevent them from printing by other means.  The technology is such that when your server responds to a requext, the page is down loaded.  It is on teh users computer; and they have absolute control of it.

What you could do is look for another technology that won't print. We use to use Macromedia Flash - which wouldn't print. However, this is no longer the case. But their maybe a plugin technology available that wouldn't print the data. At any rate, a screen capture like alt-printscreen or Snagit will still be able to capture an image of the screen.
Not fool proof, but would work for the average, non-enlightened user:

@media print {
      body {
            display: none;

They could still copy and paste, and such, but better than nothing?
There is no way to disable this feature as already said, people can always resort to simply pressing print screen and then copying the image somewhere and pritning it. I would to have suggested Flash, but it seems even that will not solve your problem.
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