Fireworks Popup menu loses appearance settings

I have a pop-up menu created in Fireworks. When I load it into Dreamweaver, all attributes of the pop-up menu load properly, except for the first pop-up menu. It keeps losing the appearance behind the text of the pop-up menu. For instance, it should be a beveled appearance, but comes out flat when it goes online. What might be causing this?
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do you have an online version for us to see?
ganongjAuthor Commented:
Yes, the link is as follows. You will be able to see what I mean by hovering over the various popups (Note: This is in the development stage, and the links won't all work, but it's the appearance of popup under "About the MHSAA" that's got me confused. When I create it in Fireworks, the background is beveled, but somehow it gets corrupt when loading into Dreamweaver


One quick thing, the images are not preloading.  Export them again, and preload images.


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The images that should make up that section of the menu are


They are not present on the server, at least not in the same directory as the others. To save exporting the whole thing again, you might want to simply make copies of the similar images


and rename them to the above (unless that 1-pixel width difference is a big issue for ya ;) )

I'm a little puzzled by your choice of accept on this question. If possible could you post back with reasons?
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