Am I being watched?

I have a desktop here I use to do most of my work. However, I will just be working and all of the sudden my mouse will just move the the top of the screen ( or far left or far right ). Almost like someone is remoting into my machine and accidently going across the edges.

Possibilities I have ruled out ( most likely not the issue ).

1. Spyware/Adware/Malware   I have run Adaware/spybot/BHO Demon/ Pest Patrol/  
2. Mouse Drivers.                    This a 6 month USB laser mouse Drivers are updated

I have VNC and PCAnywhere on here but I know they are not the culprit.

I am looking for suggestions on what else might be used that normal AV and spyware detectors would not notice. I will award points based on the best suggestions if I cannot resolve this issue

My sys info.

768 mg ram
40 gb hdd
30 gb hdd
3com nic



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Hello Calebsnow =)

I have seen this problem with many of the optical mouses.... may be the same thing is happening with u, means failing or dirty mouse :-?
To verufy it, the best practise is to hook another mouse, and check if same problem, if NO then its surely mouse and not the spywares and viruses :)
I've had a couple user's who had brand new mice (optical) do the same thing.
Yup, happens to me.

1) change the batteries ( if wireless mouse)

2) take off mousepad (if flat, smooth surface below)

3) take a soft clothe and clean underneath the mouse.

good luck,


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i got the same problems with my optical mouse.. which has no batteries
notice thats why I listed 3 suggestiions, as well as the "wireless mouse" next to the change batteries. obviously you dont have batteries if its not a wireless.
well its obvious that its none of the reasons you listed there..
but nm.. maybe someone else shows up with a solution
Those are the only solutions. One will work no matter what.

riotz, welcome to the community. Usually when posting its to help anwser the question at hand. When you say "i got the same problems with my optical mouse.. which has no batteries" that helps none what-so-ever. Justa little tip.

well maybe it shows that hes not alone with his problem for one thing..
the other thing is that i subscribe to that thread with my sloppy post and get a great email send to me as soon someone gives an answer..
but as intelligent as you seem i probably dont need to describe you everything in detail here i guess..

btw i think you need to read his report again
"This a 6 month USB laser mouse Drivers are updated"

you ever seen a usb mouse with batteries before ?
or you ever seen a guy using a optical laser mouse with a mouse pad before ?

hehe and let me quote you
"Those are the only solutions. One will work no matter what."
haha i gotta laugh on that sorry..

just a little tip:
you should read the reports first before you make posts like that which make a complete dumbass out of you

riotz =)

Have you seen a wireless mouse?? It has a usb adapter to pick up the signal. So, Yes, I have seen a USB mouse that uses batteries. And Yes I've seen mouse pads used with an optical mouse to keeps the mouse clean and less chances of scratching the lens.

So, don't come in here trying to attack someone that is troubleshooting the issue at hand. I was simple taking the basic steps  to resolve this issue.

Just a little tip:
Stick to the question at hand & come here to help not act like a little kid.
well dude i may act like a kid..
but youre acting like a ignorant dumbass..

i can just say that you dont know what youre speaking about...

its more a driver issue then any of the reasons you list there..
but whatevr i'll leave you with your "optical mouse on mouse pad"  issues..

"Drivers are updated" - Makes me think otherwise.

"ignorant?" "dont know what youre speaking about..."  Bro, I help alot of people here, so just stfu and move on to a question you might be able to help in...good luck rookie junior.
rookie junior made 3 times more points the last 4 days then you made in the whole month
LOL. thats why I get fre preimum membership, look at all my open jobs. LOL. You've got 6 out of 26... you clown. don't hate.
I answer a few a day while @ work. and if I don't know the answer I don't say anything. Know your role and stfu. LMAO. i'm out of this post.

- peace -

Good Luck Caleb!

- sorry for this thread being ruined -
CalebsnowAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys, A little late on my reply. I had suspicion. I just wanted to make sure. You guys are both pretty funny, but also had some prettty good suggestions. I did try cleaning the mouse, and replacing it. I also used different surfaces ( tried different mousepads, just using the desktop, and a white peice of paper. It still does it once in a while but I am going to concede and say it is just a mouse issue.

Thanks for both of your help.

the question now is why gets the one with the completely wrong answer all the points..
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