CSU/DSU with Ethernet LAN

Current Config:

Internet <--> CSU/DSU <-Serial V.35-> Cisco Router <-Ethernet-> LAN

Wanted configuration:

Internet <--> CSU/DSU/Router <-Ethernet-> LAN
Internet <--> CSU/DSU <-Ethernet-> Router <-Ethernet-> LAN

I'm attempting to remove the V.35 connection from the CSU/DSU to the Router.  Reason... I want to purchase a different Router other than Cisco and the router doesn't have a V.35 connection.  It only has an Ethernet.  I would really like a CSU/DSU that has an Ethernet connection instead of a V.35 that connects to the LAN.

I have looked everywhere that I can think of and I can't find an Ethernet repalcement for the Serial V.35 connection.

Any recommendations?
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If your Intenet is coming in on a t1 or similiar device, you will always need a csu/dsu in the mix.  You don't always have to have the V.35, though.  For example, you can get routers with t1 cards that have intergrated csu/dsu.  This way, you go straight from the telco box to your router.  Cisco makes such cards called WICs or VWICs.  Take a look at
for an example.


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i agree with CBozeman,,, any cisco 2600 series router has a WIC slot which you can put a CSU/DSU card in... the older V1 cards go for about 150 on ebay,,, the new version 2 cards  (which have useless features for the most part) retail for about $800.00.
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