Defrag 200GB SATA


It seem to be impossible for me to defrag my 2 SATA-drives.
My mobo is Shuttle AB60P with 2 SATA channels onboard.

Both drives is Seagate Barracuda 200GB SATA.
I've installed the drivers from the cd that came with the mobo.

It works just fine when I'm using the drives, but as soon as I try to defrag I have problems.
It always stops at 12%.
The system hangs, and it doesn't matter how long I wait...

I've tried the built in defragger, Diskeeper 8 Pro and Diskeeper 8 Server Enterprise.
The result is the same.

The drives are partitioned in 2 pieces each, with default clustersize.
I'm running win2000.

Any ideas?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
have you run a chkdsk on it to ensuer there isn't a hardware issue with the disk?
MickeJAuthor Commented:
yes, i've run chkdsk as well, and a tool from seagate.
the disks seem to be ok.

i've just tried PerfektDisk as well, but with same result(hangs at 3%).

what size are the partions?, please

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MickeJAuthor Commented:
i've spiltted the disk in 2 equal partitions, approx. 93.15GB.


the only things that i can find that will stop a defragger on a clean and error free disk such as yours is programs taking up a lot of the disk priority, (a game or high end power intenceive program running from one of these disks or even from wnother disk but running through the same cable)

if not, could be a non disk error, maybe a defragger trying to access one of these huge disks from start clustor to end clustor could clog up system process's or the defragger will stall due to the fact that your hardware cannot support a task such as a deframentation of a huge 97GB partition

these are some thing i found on the net, about the subject, because it's normaily just the windows defragger not working and Seagate Barracuda disk are very relaible there is not much documentation on this

so, my best advice for you will be to contact Seagate Barracuda production comapny, and maybe your motherboard production comapny, and ask the technicians or suppost staff why this is happening to you, (phone , email) remember , they constructed your software, drivers and hardware, so they most certainly know why their disks are failing on you

i can't help much more then that,so sorry,  and good luck !!!

(if i find more info, i'll let you know)

Try defraging in safe mode. Also make sure you have enough free space on the partitions (delete temporary files in temporary folders and empty your recicle bin).
MickeJAuthor Commented:
Hi nerdyneo.
Thanks for your answer.

Yesterday I rememberd that I've used Diskeeper to defrag these discs earlier, with success(some time ago).

I dont have any games in my computer, but it can still be an other software....

So maybe it's best to make a new installation, install "piece by piece", and see when defrag stops working.

I was thinking about patches, and if it could have been any conflict during the installation.
I used QChain to speed it up a little bit.
Maybe this was a bad idea....

I'll let you know if I can resolve the problem with a new installation.
MickeJAuthor Commented:
Hi rindi.

Thanks for your answer.

I have 80GB free on that partition, so that shouldn't be any problem.
I've emptied the recyclebin aswell...

I'll try to defrag in safe mode before I reinstall...again.
MickeJAuthor Commented:
Hi again.

I promised to came back when I knew something more about my problem.
I've found the reason, and solution, to the problem.

When I have any setting allowing DMA to be used, it will cause this problem.
The only way, for all I know now, is to set it to "Only use PIO-mode".

Then all works just fine.
I tried to find any information about it on the Internet, but I couldn't.
All I found was a similar problem with cd-rom, and there I found the solution.

Thanks for your time anyway, and I hope that my problem/solution will help someone else.
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