Various Problems Including Random Rebooting

Client has 18month old PC running XP home. He called me out after several other PC engineers failed him. His problems were with his monitor switching on and off randomly.

I changed the graphics card with my doner Gefore MX400 64Mb (2-3yrs old) and it seemed to solve the problem. Client then asked me to fit buy a new one. I fitted a new Gefore MX400 and his old one was a Gefore MX440 64Mb. However when I installed the new graphics card I did notice a drop in the quality of video display. The page seemed slightly squashed and paler than normal despite several attempts to correct this. The display also seemed slightly out of focus / blury but only by a tiny amount.

Client still having problems including...

- PC randomly rebooting
- Squashed icons no matter how much monitor and screen setup yo do.
- Intermittent watery effect on screen
- strange noise coming from one of his two HDD.

Can't seem to download from the internet or work on some programs without his machine rebooting and eing effected by the above porblems.

I'm suspecting either a dud graphics card, RAM or HDD as computer was recently formatted and checked for viruses and spyware.

Your susgestions would be helpful.

Many thanks....Paul.
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Since it is clear that your video card worked and this new video card only half works, I would replace the new card - there are a lot of video-related problems mentioned here.  If there is noise coming from the HDD that wasn't there before, I would not take chances on that, either.  Your take on faulty RAM is also good, but the bad video card may be to blame for the random reboots, so get that fixed before looking at the RAM.

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- disconnect as much as you can from the MB.

- problems on IDe controller or HDD  can force problems on RAM controller for some (of me unknown) reasons
 and can force system resets

- do a HDD test with the utilities downloadable from the manufacturs website.

- run DOS (EG. memtest-prog) from a diskette and check wether it crashes or not.
  it gives you an idea that the problem is in windows or rather a hardware problem because the chance that something is rang   wihth the DOS software is very little

ph48242Author Commented:
I changed the graphics card and there was an improvment, but the problem was also with the monitor squashing things up.

Thanks again people.
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