1760 Router Memory

I currently have 32 MB of memory and 16 MB of flash with IOS 12.2.11T2.  I would like to upgrade to 12.3.11T, but according to cisco site the minimum requirements are 48 MB and 16 MB flash.  Will i be ok with only the 32MB?
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It’s a chancy situation, it might work, as I have seen people using IOS’s with less memory than Cisco recommends, but you might end up with a router that won’t boot, and end up reloading the old IOS in RMON mode, or end up having it act strangely. So with the price of memory pretty reasonable for that router from non Cisco sources I’d up the RAM if I where you, but if you want, you can try it as it won’t damage the router if it doesn’t work, but you may be down awhile if it doesn’t while you figure out how to fix it.  

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andreacadiaAuthor Commented:
Know if any good resources for a how to on upgrading the RAM on a 1760?  Also, shall I upgrade the flash as well?  What are my limitations on the 1760 and what is the easiest way to tell?
andreacadiaAuthor Commented:
is the system memory and flash memory the same type of memory?  I was looking at  a site to purchase some but there are a few types.  Which type do i need?
You need more DRAM. crucial.com and kingston.com are places to get memory for your router and they have a tool that will walk you through what kind of device you have and the memory options for it.

Crucial.com and kingston.com are the two places I'd go too for more memory, but Crucial is my first choice if they have it as they are usually cheaper than Kingston. As for getting more flash, I'd skip it since you already meet Cisco's requirements, and there is nothing to gain from having more than what is needed.
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