Textbox 2048 limit!!!!! HELP

I am quite the novice at VB and VBA and am having trouble with VBA in MS Access.  I am attempting to bring togather several text fields (up to 20) into one field on a form and can't seem to get by the 2048 chr limit of the standard textbox.  I have tried a RickTextBox and that will take in the text but the contents don't show when I go to print preview or print.....  Please help

Thanks in advance
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set the Multiline property to True in the Regular text box
Tango7Author Commented:
    Thanks for the help.....  I have already looked for the multiline property on the normal textbox and unless I'm just dense as a rock, I can't find it or set it in code.  When I put this in code I got an error:   txt13.multiline = true.

Thanks again...Tango
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what language are you using?
Tango7Author Commented:
VBA in Access 2000......

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Tango7Author Commented:
   I've seen and checked these out.  Like multiline, the textbox does not have a maxlength property.  I have also tried an activex textbox and a rich textbox both found under "more controls" in design view of access.  Both have a maxlength property that I set and then all needed text fits and displays fine but in print view and on my printed form the blocks are blank.  It has me stumped and I have not been able to find a solution for either option (normal textbox or the other ones).

Thanks for your time and input....I'm just part time at this programming thing and I am confident that you experts will be able to solve this.....

Tango7Author Commented:
Thanks for the help....I ended up using a normal text box but had to set the EnterKeyBehavior to TRUE in code and then address the value property vs the text property when compiling my text.
textboxLetter.EnterKeyBehavior = True          ' Must act like the multiline everyone was referencing
textboxLetter.value = strUserInput                ' Text property still produced an error but value worked for large text block

Thanks again,
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