IIS 6.0 + JRun 3.1

I am trying to configure JRun 3.1 with IIS 6.0 but am having some difficulty... I have run the connector wizzard in JRun, and from the IIS MMC I can see that the ISAPI filter is installed and functional, however when I browse to test.jsp within the website I get a 404 errror :O ... but when I browse to an .ASP or .HTM page it fires without a hitch.

The problem seems to be two fold... the JRun connector isn't connecting ... and the filter isn't allowing .JSPs to be executed...

Any ideas?
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Dave_DietzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your w3svc logs you should see a 404 entry for the request to test.jsp with another number after the 404.

If it is 0 it means the file physically isn't there.
If it is a 2 it means you need to add you JRUN DLLs to a Service Extension and enable them.
If it is a 3 it means you need to add a MIME type for jsp files.

Let me know which and I can provide further instructions.

Dave Dietz
just1coderAuthor Commented:
tx. will check that out.
just1coderAuthor Commented:
2004-11-09 17:58:13 GET /test.jsp - 80 - Mozilla/5.0+(Windows;+U;+Windows+NT+5.1;+en-US;+rv:1.7.5)+Gecko/20041107+Firefox/1.0 404 3 50

So, it is 3 ... MIME type.... thanks!
just1coderAuthor Commented:
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