SQL server 6.5 - License revoking

We are running MS SQL Server 6.5.
I have purchased licenses for 1000 users.
License manager is displaying 1650 users.
Should I revoke the extra entries from License manager? We are getting error entries in event viewer all the time.
Also, does this cause slowness of the database system? Recently, we start experiencing application slowness.
How the revokation of license will effect on the database? Those revoked users will be able to log in again or not?

Please advise.
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The licencing information is entirely seperate from SQL you could enter 1 billion licences and it would not hamper sql's performance.  obviously though if you had a billion simultanious connections sql would die.

" We are getting error entries in event viewer all the time." this is usually caused when the licencing type has changed from per server to per seat it gets a bit confused.   The simplest thing is to delete all the licencing info and then put it in again which should stop it filling your event log.

" we start experiencing application slowness"  Can you give us a bit more info on the volumes of concurrent connections & concurrently active connection + machine specs, etc as it is more lokely that either your db needs tuning or your overstrething the server.
wimzieguyAuthor Commented:
How the deletion of licence information from license manager will effect the database? (if any)

At this time, there are 358 idle connections and only 1 active connection.
Machine = Compaq Quad processor, 1 GB RAM.

How to tune the database? Are there specifics steps involved in database tuning?
SQL doesnt actually stop then there is insufficient licences.   It simply fills your event log with the annoying reminders.   so it wont have any effect, so long as you put them back afterwards (to stop the event log entries)

Ok with 1GB of ram the OS is going to take most of that, leaving virtually nothing for SQL.   What memory SQL has will be eaten up by the large number of active connections.    You certainly need much more ram.   2GB for sql alone.     And on top of that I would suggest that your client application really should use connection pooling or at the very least close connections when they are not in use.    Each open connection uses memmory.
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wimzieguyAuthor Commented:
How to put license information back in license manager?

We are on WIN NT 4.0 SP6. Do you still think that 1 GB RAM is not enough? We are running this particular application for past 6 years without any issues.

How to check whether client application is using connection pooling or not?
How to get rid of idle connections?
Off the top of my head I cant remember the licencing management tool for NT4   but essentially you would enter these as if they were new licences.

With so many connections to SQL you need a lot of RAM.    To be absolutely honest also, I think you really should consider upgrading the OS and SQL.  Why?   SQL has vastly improved its query optimisation techniques since 6.5, and also NT4 + SQL6.5 are no longer supported by Microsoft.   Thus in the case of a disaster MS wont help you out.

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