virus with no virus protection

My wife's computer would not accept Norton System Works but it did accept the firewall protection.  She had an old free virus protection on there before but it was taken off in the process.  Now the keyboard does not work and after 5 minutes or so the mouse will not work either.  I am trying to download another free virus protection but it is hard to since I have no keyboard.  She has windows 98.  Most files have been saved, and there were a few more I wanted to get before doing anything major like rebooting.  Also it would be much better of course to fix it without destroying everything.  
        So first, how can I save these files?  The CD drive will not work now (burner).  She has many old Juno email files that we wanted to save and a few more word documents.  The a-drive seems to work, but will not hold so many files.  
      Also, what do you suggest for getting rid of the virus(es)?  It may be like a worm since the computer works for a few minutes after restarting it, but then gets worse each time.  
     Thankyou for your help!  
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi GeoffreyPittman,

Boot into safe mode with networking support, this will allow the system to stay running.
Then, go to the following website: and do a full systemscan.


Try these step...after doing LucF suggestion...

1.) Download McAfee Stinger v2.4.3 and run it in safe mode.
2.) Download and installed Lavasoft Ad-aware se 1.05...update it and start scanning and removal.
3.) Installed Spybot - Search and Destroy 1.3...update it and start scanning and removal.
4.) Uninstall your Anti-Virus, restart and re-installed it...update...and run a full system scan.
5.) Checked Windows Update...installed all critical updates...etc.
10.) After system checks = OK, uninstalled 3.) and Defrag disks.

Maybe it will work for you too...;-)
For a good free antivirus solution AVG is the way to go:

If the virus is causing your keyboard to fail then it should work in safemode, therefore try installing most of the suggested software whilst in safemode (F8 on boot) and also running them there too. If the keyboard works in safemode, then it is likely that your cd burner will also work so you should check this and backup any files while you have a chance. It is best however to do a scan FIRST before doing a backup since files may be infected.

Good luck and best regards,



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GeoffreyPittmanAuthor Commented:
I don't know how to get into SAFE mode when the keyboard does not work.  Is there a way with windows 98?  Though I hit the button F8 it will not go into the safe mode.  Also, could it be that the keyboard has actually failed completely and that is part of the problem?  I have managed to download AVG- gained the update and scanned for viruses in normal mode.  It found none.  Another "free virus scan" showed many things such as Adware, and Spyware but of course only the scanning was free and not the cleaning up.  I can't try to use the Norton disk that we have purchased because you need the keyboard to type in the access codes.  I will try to download the other things mentioned and see how they work.  But how do I get into safe mode without a working keyboard?  If it is a virus stopping the keyboard would it work otherwise?  Does this mean that my keyboard does not work?  
It might be your keyboard and not the virus. If it was the virus then i would only expect the keyboard to fail within windows itself. Do you have another keyboard? if so try that. If it works then you have a faulty keyboard, otherwise there is another problem


GeoffreyPittmanAuthor Commented:
Thankyou all for your help.  I am pretty sure it is the keyboard.  I will go purchase another one.  There are some virus problems, and things needing cleanup, but I am downloading the suggestions and beginning to clean those things out.  I hooked up the keyboard to my laptop and it was installed properly, the software said that all was well, but it will not work there either.  So I will gain another one and that should be okay.  Thankyou all again for your help.   Geoffrey
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