Tools for inter site file synchronization between remote DCs?

Hi, A general question about possible inter-site file replication/synchronization options.
I intend to setup a 2003 DC at a branch office connected by WAN. I will place the remote DC in an AD site. For backup/redundancy and security I am seeking options to synchronize files directories on the remote server to a central server. I don’t believe FRS will do this.
My question is do I have any server based or otherwise any options here?
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crissandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using dfs you can replicate any directory you want between two or more servers. Read this:
What files do you want to synchronize? If there are user files, not system files you can use dfs/frs.
mothman999Author Commented:
They are user files I am interested in saving a 'mirror' of a set of user files on 2 DCs... My understanding was DFS replicated the DFS roots and FRS replicated files in the SYSVOL folder.
DFS - Distributed file system  comes with window server- should do what you want.
Dose need to be on a domain contorller for auto update.  

Robotcopy - Is also a windows program comes with windows  - should also do what you want.  
mothman999Author Commented:
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