Replacing MDF & LDF files from a tape backup

We have a database named 'lime' which became corrupt after a data import on Monday.

Path to the files is
E:\MSSQL Server\Data\MSSQL\Data\lime_Data.MDF
E:\MSSQL Server\Data\MSSQL\Data\lime_Data.LDF

I moved the lime_Data.MDF & lime_Data.LDF files to another location before restoring previous copy of the files from the image backup tape made on Friday into E:\MSSQL Server\Data\MSSQL\Data\

Now when use the SQL manager it shows lime(suspect). I tried putting back Modays files but still get the same 'suspect' mark on the database

Obviously moving the files and replacing them with previous ones has caused a problem. How can I get SQL to accept the files from Friday. (or any of the files!!)

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Drop the database, create a new one with the same name and same files, stop sql server, overlay your database and log files, start sql server.
Hi hassalla,

I would be more tempted to use sp_attach_db to see if this works first, the example below creates a new copy of the pubs db from file copies of the mdf & ldf while SQL server is stopped:

sp_attach_db 'pubs3', 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\pubs3.mdf', 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\pubs3_log.ldf'

Essentially you can do exactly the same, but just try a different db name than your current db first like lime2.
more details about sp_attach_db here:

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FYI you can also use sp_detach_db to drop the current suspect databases without deleting the underlying mdf and ldf files
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I would guess either works.  BOL says:

sp_attach_db should only be executed on databases that were previously detached

which is the case here.
Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:

What kinda data import could drop a DB in to suspect statement ?


hassallaAuthor Commented:
some terms I don't recogise here
DROP - does this mean (dtm) DETACH?
BOL - ?
Hi hassalla,

BOL is books on line, MSSQLs online help, drop in the sense that mastoo has used it means 'delete', and 'damage' in the way non_zero has used it. Overlay as mastoo has used implies file copying the files over the top of the existing files.
hassallaAuthor Commented:
all is well now.
I used the
sp_attach_db 'dbname'
method to clear things up.

no doubt I will be back with more questions about SQL as it took me a while to figure out stored procedures and hot ot run them. RTFM might have helped me.
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