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JSP Tag/Template question -- URGENT --

This is not a very difficult question I don't think,
I'm not sure how to implement it in JSP

I am putting together a website, the basic format is

------ HEADER GOES HERE --------


------ FOOTER GOES HERE ------

I don't want to use frames but I would like each
of the parts HEADER,TOC (table of contents), BODY, FOOTER
be seperate jsp pages that are included in the document
so i would like my LINKS in the TOC to be able
to put a specific jsp or servlet generated page in the BODY section

I think that the page should be set up using JSP Tags / template
Maybe there should be a template tag with HEADER, TOC, BODY, FOOTER
tags that I can specify.

Please get me started in the right direction.  I know this isn't that difficult

1 Solution
benk-master-flashAuthor Commented:
Thanks -

I like the classic tiles pattern very much and that is exactly what I'm trying to implement...
can you provide a specific code example of an action performed by an <a href action="..." in the toc
to execute a some servlet, and then the servlet dispatches the ouput to the Main Body of the classic tile pattern.

really i'm trying to implement the MVC and separate the presentation tier from the business / integration and resource
tiers.  I'm rather new to all this, but I've managed to get all the different tiers working together, but the coupling is way
to tight and specific

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