How to Install Old hard drive into new computer.

My motherboard failed on my old compuer so I want to transfer the contents of my old hard drive with Windows XP Pro onto my new computer's hard drive.   The new computer has a formatted disc only with no operating system yet.  I do have the Windows Pro CD for installation.
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If you get Ghost2003, you can make a copy of the old drive to your new drive.  However, you will need to do a repair install to take into account the change in motherboard. 
Do a new install of XP on the new machine. Hook up the old drive as secondary (slave, or primary on secondary IDE) and copy your documents to the new drive.

Transferring  the O/S may work, but a clean install is likely to be better in the long run.

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get a program called Symantec Ghost.
Put it on floppy and run it on startup. When in Symantec Ghost. have both your HDD attached to the computer (for safer use have the one you want to copy on IDE#1 and the blank on IDE#2. Go into options and click force cloning. this will ensure that if in the cloning procedure any errors or bad files are found on the hard disk they will be copied over INSTEAD of the computer refusing to copy anything further.
Copy the hard disk over to the new one and put it as master on IDE#1 everything should be smooth from there
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