Stored Procedure: How to handle empty resultset

I want to take the second select statement and do something like this but not sure of the syntax and approach in my sp:

If no results returned from select statment Then
@spaceused = 0

ALTER           PROCEDURE sp_Get_DiskSpaceList_Request
     @ResourceID          int

DECLARE @totalspace int,
      @spaceused  int


-- ### Get Total Hard Disk Space for Current Resource
SELECT  @totalspace = s.DiskSize
FROM    tbl_RServer_PC rp INNER JOIN tbl_DiskSize s ON rp.DiskSizeID = s.DiskSizeID
WHERE   s.DiskSizeID = rp.DiskSizeID AND rp.ResourceID = @ResourceID

-- ### Get DiskSpace used by each user
SELECT  @spaceused = s.DiskSize
FROM    tbl_Resource_Employee he INNER JOIN tbl_DiskSize s ON he.DiskSizeID = s.DiskSizeID
WHERE       he.ResourceID=24
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--Preset the variable with the desired results if the query returns no records.
Set @spaceused = 0

-- ### Get DiskSpace used by each user
SELECT  @spaceused = s.DiskSize
FROM    tbl_Resource_Employee he INNER JOIN tbl_DiskSize s ON he.DiskSizeID = s.DiskSizeID
WHERE      he.ResourceID=24

--This does not cover the cases when the query returns a NULL Value, you may want to add

IF @spaceused IS NULL SET @spaceused = 0

--After the query

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select @totalspace = coalesce(@totalspace,0) - coalesce(@spaceused,0)
dba123Author Commented:
thanks, didn't think it was so simple as that.
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dba123Author Commented:
shoot, Lowfatspread, didnt' see your post till after...sorry.

can you tell me though what coalesce does?

Returns the first non null item in a list,  In this case, your variable is the first item, and the number 0 is the second.

You could replace my line of code

IF @spaceused IS NULL SET @spaceused = 0


 SET coalesce(@spaceused, 0)

And you would get the same outcome.
sorry, replace it with
 SET @spaceused = coalesce(@spaceused, 0)
dba123Author Commented:
thank you
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