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I have never done anything in Crystal Reports before today, and probably never will again.  We have a client who used Crystal Reports 8.5 to generate and distribute their reports over the web.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that CR 8.5 Enterprise will work on a 2003 Server, so we are installing CrystalReports 10.  We have already made a lot of progress with configuration, but now we are at the code section where I am admittely very weak having never worked with CR before.  Here is the code snippet, and my questions can be found below:

  Set objFactory = CreateObject("CrystalReports.ObjectFactory")
  Set Session("objFactory") = objFactory
  Set rptAppSession = objFactory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.ReportAppSession")
  ' The name of the ReportAppServer is specified in clientSDKOptions.xml

  Set Session("rptAppSession") = rptAppSession
  'If Not IsObject (session("oApp")) Then                              
  'Set session("oApp") = Server.CreateObject("CrystalReports.ReportAppSession")
  'End If                                                              

  Path = Request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED")                    
  While (Right(Path, 1) <> "\" And Len(Path) <> 0)                      
  iLen = Len(Path) - 1                                                  
  Path = Left(Path, iLen)                                              
  If IsObject(session("oRpt")) then
        Set session("oRpt") = nothing
  End if

  Set session("oRpt") = rptAppSession.CreateService("CrystalClientDoc.ReportClientDocument")
  Session("oRpt").Open path & reportname

  If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    Response.Write "Error Occurred Creating Report Object: " & Err.Description & "<BR>" & CS_CLOSEMSG
    'response.Write("<Br>" & path & reportname)
    Set Session("oRpt") = nothing
    Set Session("oApp") = nothing
  End If
  if err.number = 0 and not bolHideLogo then
    on error resume next
    session("oRpt").Sections.item(CINT(intGP)).AddPictureObject path & "logos\" & strLogoName, 720, 10
    if err.number <> 0 then err.Clear()
    on error goto 0
  end if
  'session("oRpt").MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = False
  'session("oRpt").EnableParameterPrompting = False

  'response.Write request.QueryString("filter") & strORDER
  Set oADORecordset = oADOConnection.Execute(request.QueryString("filter") & strORDER)
  Set oRptTable = session("oRpt").Database.Tables.Item(1)
  oRptTable.SetPrivateData 3, oADORecordset

Question 1: Right now, I am getting an error message:

Microsoft VBScript runtime  error '800a0009'
Subscript out of range
/sw_reporting.asp, line 150

When I attempt to run the code.  Line 150 is: oRptTable.SetPrivateData 3, oADORecordset

Question 2:  Is there a CR10 equivalent for:

  'session("oRpt").MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = False
  'session("oRpt").EnableParameterPrompting = False

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You are using Enterprise language. I have CR10 and using runtime customization with it. But looks like very similar

Yes there is cr10 conversion for this but it is different object model. Enterprise gives you more availability to do runtime customizations.

Here is how I do it in 10
using CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine;
ReportDocument myreport = new ReportDocument();
myreport.discardsavedData = false;
myreport.enableParameterPrompting = true;


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