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Pass not to the find command

How do you pass NOT to the find command.  I want to find all files within a directory that do not match (files that do not match  *.04_11_09).
and then gzip them.
2 Solutions
theoradicallyAuthor Commented:
As where I would run

find . -name *.04_11_09, to find all files in the current working dir that matched *.04_11_09

I want to do a find that match all files that do not match the criteria.  Sounds simple, but I don't think the find command
does that and my scripting is poor.  I'm working on my scripting skills with this groups help.  Thank You
Use the  -not  switch to negate the value of an expression:

find -not -name "*.04_11_09" -exec gzip {} \;

Oops, forgot the start directory to find:

find . -not -name "*.04_11_09" -exec gzip {} \;

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-not isn't available with all versions of find; In which case, you use "!"

find . ! -name "*.04_11_09" -exec gzip {} \;
theoradicallyAuthor Commented:
Thanks helpers,

I looked in the find man pages before posting this, but did not find this until I went back looking fo how to do an "and"

     2)   ! expression
           The negation of a primary (! is the unary  not  opera-
     3)  expression [-a] expression
           Concatenation  of  primaries  (the  and  operation  is
           implied by the juxtaposition of two primaries).
     4)  expression -o expression
           Alternation of primaries (-o is the or operator).

The -not did not work for Solaris, but I did not specify the flavor.  The ! did work.  Thanks again both of you for your quick response.  I am going to split the points.
theoradicallyAuthor Commented:

Here is how I found multiple instances of not

find . ! -name "*.04_11_09" -a ! -name "2004_11_09" -a ! -name "04_11_9" -exec gzip {} \;
find ./ -print | grep -v 04_11_09

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