SQL 2000 sa password

Dear All

Im planning to change my sa password, but there are alot of automated jobs related to sa account, once i changed it the jobs are unble to start, i have change the login for those jobs but still some jobs can not start..

Please I want to change my sa password and do the required changes for all this jobs.

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Duane LawrenceCommented:
Create a new account but try to give it less than sa privelges.  Move your processes over to the new account one by one.  Make sure one works before moving the next.  This will take a long time, but on a live database it is better.  After all processes are off of the SA account, you can change it at will.

I will apoligize first, but I just can't help myself from saying this.
I have seen a SQL Server admin T-Shirt that makes a joke of doing this, it comes from the Microsoft SQL Server World Wide User Group (sponsored by Microsoft).  

Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
u can try this

-- start Of Stement

declare @Jobname varchar(255)
declare @NewOwner varchar(50)

set @NewOwner = 'Non_Zero'

declare mCursor Cursor for
      select [name] from msdb..sysjobs
open mCursor
fetch Next from Mcursor into @JobName
While @@fetch_status = 0
   exec msdb..sp_update_job @job_name = @JobName
          , @owner_login_name = @NewOwner
      fetch Next from Mcursor into @JobName

-- End Of Stement



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Amen to DuaneLawrence.

Never setup production jobs to use the sa password. sa is just too powerful and programmers can totally ruin the database all too easily. I should know, 'cause I'm one of 'em. Though I have never screwed up a procduction database messed up by a programmer, I've come real close, and I've had to help recover from such messes more times than I can recall.
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