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Hello, I am running a SQL query which returns multiple values.  I would like to populate a list box with those values once the window is opened.  What is the best method of looping through the values returned in the query and and having them display in the list box?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
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A direct loop example direct from the help file:

    ' Shutdown the painting of the ListBox as items are added.
    ' Loop through and add 50 items to the ListBox.
    Dim x As Integer
    For x = 1 To 50
        listBox1.Items.Add("Item " & x.ToString())
    Next x
    ' Allow the ListBox to repaint and display the new items.

or you can databind

        ListBox1.DataSource = MyDataTable
        ListBox1.DisplayMember = "MyDisplayColumn"
        ListBox1.ValueMember = "MyPrimaryKeyValue"

Hi.... I've used the following type of construction to get data from an SQL database and display it in a listbox...  this will fill the list box with an item for every row returned from the query.....
(this is also in the .net help documentation)

Public Sub ReadMyData(myConnString As String)
''''' build your query
    Dim mySelectQuery As String = "SELECT field1,field2 from table1"
    Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection(myConnString)
    Dim myCommand As New SqlCommand(mySelectQuery, myConnection)
    Dim myReader As SqlDataReader
    myReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader()
      While myReader.Read()
''''''''''''' note that the read operation returns the items in your query.. item(0) is the first field, item(1) the second, and so on..)
''''''''''''''''''''in this example, there were only two fields
             ListBox1.Items.Add( "Field 1 was " + myReader.Item(0) + "  Field2 was " + myReader.Item(1))
  End While
'''' clean up by closing the reader
'''' finish clean up by closing the connection
End Sub


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