XP hangs on loading your personal settings

XP Pro SP2 hangs (takes about 15 minutes) right after the user password and displays "loading your personal settings"
Further info:
  System Restore is off
  I don't want to use the last known good
  The registry has been modfied for 1 sec WaitToKillServiceTimeout
  DNS is OK
  One share is persistant but doesn't have problems connecting (workgroup - not in Active Directory)

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
press ALT+TAB to see if theres an error message hiding behing that dialog box :)
can you get in at all? if you can run msconfig @ the run prompt and disable some services from satrting @ boot (last tab) have you installed any new software lately?

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Are you on a domain? If so, is the primary DNS server on the workstation set as the domain server's IP? Could always just undo SP2 (I hope) - I found you will have to reinstall most hardware drivers after rolling back SP2 and it is a fairly long process (the uninstall, not the driver installs).

How does it work in safe-mode? Same thing? (doubt it)


KerryHakeAuthor Commented:
Jdouglaswhite - No domain, just a workgroup.  I'm sure DNS is not an issue.  SP2 was loaded soon after release and has been stable.  Works well in safe mode.

jgiordano - User eventually gets in (after about 15 minutes).  I'll review what services are running.

PeteLong - ALT + TAB yields nothing.  FYI - I also disabled the welcome screen and put /sos after fastdetect in the boot.ini so I could see what was going on there.

It may be another 36 hours before I can get back to that computer.  I'll keep you posted.

Well if it works fine in safe-mode then you know it is something running - a startup program or service that is causing the issue. Try removing everything from msconfig -> startup and also disabling any services that aren't from Microsoft (you can do this in safe-mode). If it works normal after that then you can start re-enabling them until you pinpoint the culprit.

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