One laptop log onto two different domains

I have two domains at two separate locations. ROMIMU and ROMIMU2. I have one laptop that I would like to be able to logon to both domains without going to mycomputer/properties/computername/change.... (this process, for some reason, only goes smoothly when swithching to ROMIMU2. When I switch to ROMIMU I always have difficulty).

Is there a way that on my logon screen there could be three options:
1. Local Computer

BTW. I cannot map one of the domains to a drive because the software that I use (MS Access) assumes that that the data is on drive 'G:' on both domains.
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In order for a domain (other than local) to show up on your logon screen there needs to be a trust between that domain and the domain that your workstation is a member of.  So if your workstation is a member of the ROMIMU domain, that is it has a machine account in ROMIMU and is configured to be in that domain, the ROMIMU and ROMIMU2 must have a trust esatblised between them.  Otherwise you will have to reconfigure your pc every time you want to log in to the other domain.  That's how domain security works.
fife54Author Commented:
Thank you very much for your reply.

If there would be a trust between them then I would have a choice of ROMIMU, ROMIMU2 and local computer??

How would I develop a trust between them? They are 100 miles from each other. Theoretically I could move the server if it is a one time thing.

Also, I read on this site about Netwsitcher. Would that accomplish what I hoped for or would I need to reboot etc.
ikm7176Sr. IT ManagerCommented:
Is it a single forest or different forest ?

Windows 2000 domains in the same forest share transitive trust relationships with one another. There is an implicit transitive trust between the root domains in each tree in the Windows 2000 forest. A two-way implicit transitive trust also exists between all contiguous domains in a single tree.
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fife54Author Commented:
I don't understand single forest vs. different forest?

How would I check?
fife54Author Commented:
Too much info for me. ROMIMU2 has only 5 computers (XP Pro) connectted to it. ROMIMU has 10 computers(XP Pro ) connected to it. I looked over the web links and they are over my head. Any help.
Why don't you keep your machine in the domain you spend the most time in, then when you visit the other site simply log on locally to your machine, and manually mapo a G: to the relevant network share for your access database. i.e. type net use G: \\servername\share /user:domain\username password. You could even create a .bat file with this command in it so that you don;t have to type it each time.

Failing that you could look at dual booting your laptop although any data stored locally for the access database would not be replicated between your 2 OS's so I guess both this wouldn't fit and would once again be over your head (no offence, just trying to avoid getting you in a pickle!)

I'd give my first idea a go, should work.

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fife54Author Commented:
i.e. type net use G: \\servername\share /user:domain\username password

Sounds great! The above command would be under the cmd (DOS screen)?
fife54Author Commented:
I tried the command. It is giving me an error network name cannot be found.
fife54Author Commented:
It works! Great. Thank you.

I think I will always log onto the local laptop and then choose which network to use.

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