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firewall configurtion !

      computer novice, i use my comp mainly to play on-line poker, going through the main uk-sites
   w-hill , ladbrokes, coral, etc  ,  but recently as they update there programs  i find i cannot access
  them, from few phone calls made told to re-configure firewall, thats the prob , no help + dont know where to start,
                               if it helps , running windows xp , norton firewall + internet security,
                      sorry about lack off info but really i am a novice, will supply more info if needed,
                      if i can, thanks for any help, lets get me back to the card tables,
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2 Solutions
Try, turning off "Ad blocking" in Norton Internet Security. Also you should be prompted when the poker programs are trying to access your network or send information out, this is where you want to "permit"  and tick "always use this action" doesnt ask you again.

let me know how that goes...
Are you running XP SP2?? If so you need to disable that firewall program. DO so, START >> CONTROL PANEL >> WINDOWS FIREWALL , turn off the firewall here.

If, that doesn't work, just for a test turn off Norton Internet security. and try to access your program or site. information status and we'll go from there.

good luck!!
flekkaAuthor Commented:
thanks knoxj81
                     have always  allowed "permit" when prompted, and tick the box,
                    will try turning ad blocker off, dont want to turn firewall off , dont i need it ?,
                             thanks for the help will get back with results,
             p.s.      had problem with 6 sites, cured problem with 4,                                                by going to start/ allprograms/ click on required site, click on update-wizard, then double click
 icon on desktop, waited about 1 min , and it started, it worked for 4, others dont have setup -wizard, have only got icon on desktop, so have to keep trying other ways,about to try your sugestions, let you know,
                                      thanks again

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Asta CuCommented:
How current is your Windows XP with WindowsUpdate?   Which version?

Prior to doing Spyware removal, be sure to use a good Viruscan program and
also be sure it is updated and you do a full, deep scan of all drives.

ALSO, important, turn off system restore before doing this and Spyware
fixes, or the problem will return. Once cleaned, you should enable System
Restore again.

If Pop Ups arise, and Browser is hijacked, the quickest way to close the
Browser window is ALT+F4.

This is a central link here compiled by a number of our Experts with Spyware
tools, links and cautions/recommendations:
HijackThis can scan your system and create a log (and fix some things) ...
once this log is created, post the log results in this free analyzer:
This is the HijackThis Guideline and process that makes sense to me:

Once you've run the log through the Analyzer, you're guided for the most
part with recommendations, and some can be fixed by HijackThis, but some may
show as "nasty" which aren't and may cause problems for you. So do
encourage you to read the above link for cautions on this. Let us know only
the line items which need further analysis by us.

My personal choices on the Spyware/Malware and Malicious BHO issue is to use
these two programs:
AdAware (I chose the paid version which is SE Professional) but both also
have free versions and always welcome contributions. Be sure it is the most
current and updated, also make sure you configure it to do Deep Scanning and
to include the HOSTS file. For Spybot S&D, if you choose that, be sure to
update it and use the Immunize function to block @ 2500 spyware/malware/malicious BHOs...

Hope this is of help to you. Best wishes, let us know your progress.

":0) Asta
Turning off the firewall, is just a step to take to see if your firewall is playing a role in this issue. If turning it off fixes the issues, than all we do is configure it properly. If it doesn't fix the issue, than we move on to plan B.

Unforntunitly, if he does decide to run spyware tools, most likly its going to detect your poker site or program as spyware. The reason is, the programs/sites methods of advertising are spyware related. So if you do perform a scan with adaware you might have problems. I dont see how spyware would play an issue on a few poker sites, if spyware was an issue, I'd say more than 4 poker sites would be affected. Please advise status...

Thanks flekka!

flekkaAuthor Commented:
thanks again knox81
sorry did not understand you meant turn off firewall for only short while ,
found plenty off spyware when i ran copy off spyhunter,then deleated them,
i now have gained access to all previous sites and some i could not access preaviously,
computers are great when they run right (ha ha),
think this site is great for idiots like me to get advice from people like yourself,
   thanks for all your help
                                    john (strobe)
flekkaAuthor Commented:
hello astaec
                  thanks for replying, been reading your response, some great info there which
 i am still delving through, bit technical  but i'm getting there and great for future ref.
 have now solved problem but thank you for taking the time to help
                  all the best
                                  john (strobe)
Asta CuCommented:
Thank you, John.  This is a great site for us all; I've gotten excellent help here as well through the years. It seems the more we learn, the more there is to learn.  ":0)

I've upgraded to Windows XP SP2/IE 6 SP2 some time ago and love it, but takes some getting used to.  I'm very pleased with all the added security and functionality of this new release.  I find it helpful, when I want to permit access without interference to some specific sites, it makes life easier to go to IE - tools - internet options - security - trused zone and paste the URL/Links there.  Also, within IE 6, IE - tools - internet options - privacy tab - Pop Up Blocker - settings - then paste the URL/Link there and choose ADD to allow it without pop up blocking interference.  Then, once the settings are made in IE, close IE then reopen to test.  Has been great.

":0) Best wishes,

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