Nest Listbox inside Datagrid

Is it possible to nest a listbox control inside of a datagrid that is bound to a different table?

I have a datagrid that 3/4's of it is bound to one table(News).  When a user wants to view a list of articles, they will get a datagrid that contains all news articles with Title, Author(s), Date etc.  

I need the Authors result to be listed inside a listbox control with rows=1 for space issues.  Since there can be more than one author for an article the data for authors is contained in a seperate table with a foreign key relationship (or join) with the News Table.

Any thought wold be appreicated.


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TMF123Author Commented:
Thanks dunlga.

No luck on the first link (404).

The second link deals primarily with a dropdownlist control inside the custom column.  This is find for viewing the list of authors, however; I really need to be able to implement the listbox control in edit mode.

Do you have any additional ideas or article references you can throw my way.

Thanks again.

TMF123Author Commented:
Also, this is a web application written in C#.  I don't know if that presents any limitations with existing controls under the web environment compared to a windows form.

Thanks again.


Maybe this way could help you:

1) Right click on your datagrid in design view, select Property Builder,
2) In Property Builder screen, select Columns section
3) Add a Template Column to Selected Column box and click OK
4) Right click again on your datagrid and select Edit Template -> Column[x]. This action will display the Edit Template screen same as the DataRepeater or DataList control
5) Select ListBox in Toolbox and placed in the Item Templace section of Edit Template screen.
6) Now you can do anything you want to your new Listbox in your datagrid.

Hope this help.
.:: LDLP ::.

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