Flash MX 2004 Professional: Tool tips, captioning, etc.

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Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterAsked:
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I don't know actually you know how much about the ASP to Flash data passing

So I better first give you a brief idea here.

First of all, you better write your ASP scripts first so that to get the data from
the database and be able to pass the data to Flash.

The passing is not that difficult, just call the ASP to print out the variables to Flash
is okay. The syntax will be something as follows:

&variable_name=value&variable_name=value$.... etc

Or if you are in an array, you can export them like this

&varaible_name=value|value|value&variable_name=.... etc

The | here is just a symbol to seperate the values, you can use whatever you like~

The next step is to call the Flash to call the ASP script
It will be something like the following

data_array = new Array ();
data_vars = new LoadVars ();
data_vars.sendAndLoad ("xxxxx.asp", "this", "POST");

data_vars.onLoad = function ()
     data_array = this........
     // I don't provide that much by now until I know what you wanna know

And the final step is to dynamically link up the data get from the array to the tooltips function

I don't know how your tooltips function works,
but most of them should be quite dynamic like the following

tool_tips ("the toop tips content");

If this is so, then you can simply use the following to link up your tooltips and the database content

tool_tips (data_array [i]); // where i is any integer indicating the array item to get

Do ask so that I can help you more~

By the way,

Check this post for more information on linking ASP with Flash


Vicker :)
plz post your email I'll send you an example flash with class I've wrote for tooltip, exactly what you are searching for.
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Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterAuthor Commented:

Actually, if you looked at the Oasis/Arboviral application, I used Flash/ASP/SQL Server to produce those pages, so yes I know all too well about Flash/ASP relations. :o)
Thanks anyway. Does Flash MX Professional 2004 have a function called tool_tips()?? Is that a part of Actionscript 2.0 or 1.0?


If you read the EE Newsletter this last time, they mentioned something about given e-mail addresses out. Not that I normally would have a probelm but I figured since they mentioned it that it must be. If you go to the Oasis site and click on "Contact Us" in the sidenav with the Subject "Forward this to Brad", that would work for me. So you are saying that your app. can be dynamic and work like the CNN app. I gave a link for?


I wanna say there are no internal tooltips function in Flash MX or 2004

I just know there are external class for that
I remember that somebody asked before~ maybe is you~ ha~ I forget~

Brad, its not a problem. Sent it to you as you have asked. Good luck.
Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterAuthor Commented:

Do you know of any tool tip classes that I can look at that are online?


OK I got it. Thanks. :o)

In looking at it and I'm not sure it would work. The counties are all movie clips and pretty soon we will be going to vector data to draw the counties. Will the class be able to handle that? Also, I'm not sure what 'foo' is used for...can you explain? And, are the -30,-30 coordinates within the flash stage?

1)It handles movieclips
2)foo is a reference to function which will be executed onRelease event, its not required, it was just useful for some cases.
3)its coordinates respectably to mouse cursor

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Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterAuthor Commented:
Since I am not at a point where I can fully delve into this problem, I am going to go ahead and close this question. Are there any other 3rd party or personal tool tip classes or components that I can get from the Internet? Thanks for your help. Buffon, I will get back to you with your e-mail when I can devote more time to the problem and its solution.

You are welcome :)
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