how to deploy Windows 2000 network printers

How do I set up printers to be able to be seen through an html page .  Cant windows printers be seen from http://server/printers  ?  Is there a way to create a link that the client can click on and the printer is installed? If I could be pointed to a helpful web page that would be great.  Thanks
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Hello blee5,

You can do the following:

- On your Print Server create a folder called C:\Printers and share it with a sharename called Printers, set its share permissions to everyone FC
- Inside this printers folder, create shortcuts to all your available printers. (to do this, open up control panel -> Printers-> Right click each printer you want to be made available, and choose "create shortcut" . make sure to drop these shortcuts inside the c:\printers folder)
- Now to to a user work station, log on as the user. Click Start -> Run -> in the box that comes up, type "\\yourprintservernamehere\printers" (without the quotes) and hit enter. It would bring up all the available printers, now all a user has to do, is right click on the printer he wants and say "install" ! Bam! its there :-)

Thanks and Good Luck!
Also, blee5, you can even omitt the step of asking a user to click start -> run etc. All you have to do is to provide a shortcut on the "All Users" profile's desktop on each machine that points to \\yourprinterservernamehere\printers share. Then it would appear on the users desktop and all you have to do is ask them to open it and right click on the printer!

You can automate the deployment of the shortcut using a batch file or a Group Policy
This is pretty simple to configure across a LAN or WAN using internet information services installed on a print server:
How To Configure Internet Printing in Windows 2000;en-us;313058&sd=tech
Windows 2000 Printer Management

Clients simply point their browsers at http://servername/printers and then click to connect,

Deb :))

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Ah :) Debbie is right, I think I might have misunderstood the question, I thought you were looking for a way of doing a "one central place" for all the printers, where users can go and map. The method that I said isnt bad either, we actually support 2100 desktops in our organization spread across coast to coast, and each of the regions have their own folders under the shared printer folder where users from anywhere can go, and depending on security right click and install... but yes, I see blee was asking on, how to do it the http://.... way :o) oh well!
Hi Kalicoder - I just spotted the html page bit is all:))

It would be remiss of me really not to draw attention to the following links if I'm suggesting IIS as it can be notoriously insecure. I've found it useful inside our WAN (wouldn't let the rest of the world near it) because it's easy for relevant users (only) to be able to point and click via favourites for example in the web browser (ie links called printers at head office, printers at Smallville St etc), particularly where we have networked copiers and they need to distribute a stack of papers for a meeting etc. Plus it looks a lot prettier and is much less scary than using an add printer wizard, and they feel a bit more in control etc. (which is really, hopefully, just an illusion ;-)) It also stops the more savvy generally with higher permissions going through active directory published printers at which point they realise they can maybe send each other rude messages that the email filters out....

IIS Lockdown Tool 2.1

A complete walkthrough of the IIS Lockdown Tool - You'll probably need to experiment with it - depends on your setup.

Deb :))
Yes, good idea to mention these as well :)
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