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Can anyone tell me how to use Rave Report interacting with Delphi 7?,
I began to use Rave Reports Generator and I succesfully obtain a database conected report , but how to display it in a delphi form?

I need to generate reports sorting and grouping data, do you think is Rave Reports a better option than QuickReports?

Thanks in advance
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> but how to display it in a delphi form?
You mean during Design Time?

If you have been working with QReports, you will need to 'change' the way you work when it comes to Rave. Basically, you create all the reports you want to using the Rave Designer, and link the report file to your application via TRvSystem and TRvProject. Finally, you select the right report using SelecReport and let the user see the preview using Execute.

To test the report while you are doing the programming, you would need to Run your Delphi application, and make sure that all the Database Connection are up and running. Then you can "run" your report from the Rave Designer and it will still 'interact' with your application. That way, you can modify your report, preview it, modify it again where necessary, etc., without having to shutdown your application and going back to Delphi.

> I need to generate reports sorting and grouping data, do you think is Rave Reports a better option than QuickReports?
Personally I would say that there is not much difference. The reason I chose Rave is because it also allows me to generate reports programmatically, and it also allows me to distribute the Report files which are 'editable' by my users so that they can customise it to their needs.


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RobertonioAuthor Commented:
Thanx DragonSlater, this information is pretty useful for me!!

But one more thing, I can't still look my report displayed when my application is runnig an error message with this text "Unable to gain control Of RAVE Data Comunication System" appears.

I add a TRvSystem and TRvProyect to my delphi form and I also use an TRvDataSetConnection conected to my dataSet. In Rave Designer I add a Data Base Connection and a Direct Data View components, it seems to be in the right way. Do you know which could be the cause of this problem?

Hi Robertonio,

Is your DataSet already connected? Your Delphi form needs to be running (not in design mode).
RobertonioAuthor Commented:

well, I found the way
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