PHP/MySQL insert date inserts 0000-00-00

Hi folks I have the values from a .csv file being inserted into a mysql DB.

the csv looks like this:

04/29/2004,Ali,Islah,Alameda City,Quality Standards
04/29/2004,Dave,James,Alameda City,Quality Standards
04/29/2004,Lisa,Gibons,Alameda City,Quality Standards

The code looks like this:

      $conn = @mysql_connect($host, $user, $pw, $dbname);

if (!$conn) {
        echo "Connection failed\n";
$filename = "/web/pages/scripts/" . $csv_file_name ;//. ".csv";
$fcontents = file($filename);
   while (list($line_num, $line) = each($fcontents))
      $msg = $line;

      $CSVRecord = explode (",", $msg);

      $StringLength = strlen($CSVRecord[4])-1;
        $CSVInsert="INSERT into certifications(seminar_date,last_name,first_name,agency,seminar)
                  Values('$CSVRecord[0]', trim('$CSVRecord[1]'), trim('$CSVRecord[2]'), trim('$CSVRecord[3]'), trim('$CSVRecord[4]'));";
                        $result = mysql_query($CSVInsert) or die ("Error in query: $query. " . mysql_error());
      if(!$CSVInsert) echo("Invalid Insert");


It's pretty straight forward and works except the date. When the seminar_date field is of type varchar it inserts fine. But when the seminar_date field is type datetime, as it should be, it inserts as 0000-00-00

I'm porting this app from postgresql to mysql. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi ewarmour,

You can insert the entire file into mysql in one statement without having to parse the data in php.


Muhammad WasifCommented:
try this query

$CSVInsert="INSERT into certifications(seminar_date,last_name,first_name,agency,seminar)
                  Values('".str_replace("/","-",$CSVRecord[0])."', trim('$CSVRecord[1]'), trim('$CSVRecord[2]'), trim('$CSVRecord[3]'), trim('$CSVRecord[4]'))";
ewarmourAuthor Commented:
Thanks wasifg, I tried that and the value is still 0000-00-00 00:00:00.

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ewarmourAuthor Commented:
Hi steve918... no luck with the import

I've tried

mysql_query("LOAD DATA INFILE '$csv_file_name' INTO TABLE certifications FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','")
                    or die
                  ("Error in query: $query. " . mysql_error());

Muhammad WasifCommented:
The problem is in the format of the data i.e mm/dd/yyyy

04/29/2004,Ali,Islah,Alameda City,Quality Standards

but mysql accepts yyyy-mm-dd
 so change your query as follows

list($month, $day, $year) = explode("/",$CSVRecord[0]);

$CSVInsert="INSERT into certifications(seminar_date,last_name,first_name,agency,seminar)
                  Values('$year-$month-$day', trim('$CSVRecord[1]'), trim('$CSVRecord[2]'), trim('$CSVRecord[3]'), trim('$CSVRecord[4]'));";

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ewarmourAuthor Commented:
Thanks wasifig, that worked perfectly.
Muhammad WasifCommented:
Your are welcome

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