outlook 2003 on XP PRO not sending email

my outlook won't send emails my setting have not changed and if i set up the same account on outlook express it works fine. the error message is it times out looking for the SMTP server
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Sounds like a firewall or antivirus program is getting in the way.  Did you add or change the settings on either of those types of programs since this program began?

Could also be some sort of unwanted add-in.  To check go to start outlook by going START->RUN and typing in "Outlook.exe /safe" (without quotes) and clicking OK.  Does the problem still occur?
Can you receive email fine ?

Have you tried to increase the server timeout going to the advanced properties of the account to see if that would help ?
Do you get any specific error message (+ number) in your send and receive dialog box when you see the email was not sent successfully and if yes , post the message here .

As traval has said , temporarily turn off firewall and Antivirus to see if that would help .
jaxxmanAuthor Commented:
yes i can recieve fine
i have turned anti virus off and my firewall which are (Mcafee and Norton PF 2003) and increased the timeout from 1 min to 3 min and still nothing. also when i try to close outlook it closes ok but the icon stays in the system tray and in task manager outlook.exe is still running Oh hang on i have just found something out.
Once i have closed out look it won't open again and i get two copys of outlook.exe running in the process tab on task manager this might be the problem what do you think

The error message i get in the Outlook Send/Receive Progess box is
Sending reported error (0x80042108): The operation timed out waiting for a responce from the sending (SMTP) server. this message must be wrong as my email works in outlook express.

Did you try the START->RUN->outlook.exe /safe, as mentioned above?  If so what was the result?

Try booting the computer and hold f8 to get to boot menu, and choose Safe Mode with Networking.  Then open Outlook and try again.

If you are absolutely positive the settings are identical in OE and OL then 3rd party software is what we need to concentrate on.  

If you are not absolutely positive the settings are identical, then delete the email account and click FILE->IMPORT & EXPORT->IMPORT INTERNET MAIL ACCOUNT SETTINGS and import the account from OE.

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jaxxmanAuthor Commented:
i did this START->RUN->outlook.exe /safe

Which i have never done before, opening outlook from the run command

this i closed it and it closed properly its not done that before. and now everything is working. I don't understand nothing has been fixed or changed but things are working fine

thanks for you help.
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