Formatting an *.oft Rules Wizard Reply -- HYPERLINK, bold text, etc

Outlook 2002

When my *.oft template replies according to the rule set up in Rules Wizard, the email link included in the template appears like this: HYPERLINK "" Similarly, weblinks look like this: HYPERLINK ""

I would like to avoid the messy "HYPERLINK" and naming redundancy stuff.

Also, if the template contains bold text (maybe other formatting options too), it's lost in the reply.

What few ticks/unticks i've tried etc etc have been fairly haphazard, so i don't want to include them and limit your creativity :-)

Thank you in advance
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Here is an article I wrote when I worked for Microsoft.  Seems to apply...

In Outlook 2002:

Customer is setting up a template and rule to emulate the out of office assistant.  
Customer is creating the message for the template in HTML, then saving it as an
.oft file.  In the template, he has specified an email address that people can
email to if they have the need.  This email address resolves in the initial email
he sets up as the template without adding "<mailto:>" to the beginning of it, which
is true of HTML messages.
Once he saves the template and initiate to rule to reply using the template,
recipients of the reply see the email address looking like the following:

*** Resolution *** May  2 2003  3:31PM v_1manel

This is by design when using transports other than exchange server (meaning
internet mail).

When you save the initial HTML email as an .oft file, it actually converts it from
HTML to Rich Text, with sort of an HTML "mask".  (looks like HTML, but it's not!  
It's Rich Text!)

With mail formats other than HTML, it is required that you put in "<mailto:>" at
the beginning of the email address for it to recognize it and resolve it as an
email address.

What has happened is since he composed the email as HTML, it automatically resolved
the address without "<mailto:>" before it.  Once it was saved as an .oft file, it
converted it to Rich Text and exposed the source code behind the resolved email

So basically, when doing this, if you don't want to see all of the other garbage
with the mailto link, you must put "<mailto:>" before the link and it will display
that way. (IE: it will display as <> in the email)

Hope that helps.


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