Download and Upload stream

I have 512 KB/s DSl connection, the maximum download bandwidth is about 60 KB/s.

I was wondering if the download and upload stream are separate or do they share the same bandwidth. For example lets say I am uploading at 20 KB/s will my download bandwidth be limited to 40 KB/s, or will it be independent of the upload bandwidth and hence up to 60 KB/s

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It all depends on the 'flavor' of your DSL line.
ADSL is Asynchronous meaning upload and D/L speeds are different
SDSL is Synchronous meaning they are the same.
Standard DSL is going to be ADSL most liekly. You should depending on your proider be able to upgrade to a higher upload speed, although it may triple your cost or more.
The bandwidth is not split between the two, unless you are approaching the 10/100/1000 Mb/s whatever card you have with a 512KB/s you are not pushing any of these, so your case would be no.

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theoritacally, your pipe shouold be big enough for the upload to have no affect, but you can tes it
upload a file, and simultaneously run one of these speed tests
run the speed test first alone to give you a bench mark
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
I concur..  your upstream should not be affected by your downstream, as these are two different streams of data transfer..
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