Xerox Pahsor PCL codes fro selecting alternate papaer source

I am trying to program an app we have on linux called fiscal, made by a company called realtime. they have given us pcl codes to add into their config files for our normal printers and they all work fine, however i need to add the phasor 3400 with printing from second draw for letterheads.

what i need is the codes to modify to be able to print to that draw, any help would be appreciated.

i have contacted xerox and they are working on it, it is true though that these printers are tectronic printers?
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The Xerox service website has tray selection codes for your printer. Unfortunately this is only accessible by Xerox xervice partners.

The main codes listed are:
Tray 1    Ec&l1H
Tray 2    Ec&l4H
Tray 3    Ec&l5H
MBF tray   Ec&l8H   (multi-sheet)
MBF tray   Ec&l2H   (manual feed)
norganAuthor Commented:
that's great but the format i need is hex, xerox came back with this:
PCL 5e:
Paper Source - PCL - PCL XL code

Tray 2 - ESC&14H - 1B 26 6C 34 48
PCL 6:
Paper source selection :

Paper Source - PCL - PCL XL code

Tray 1 - ESC&11H - C0 04 F8 26
Tray 2 - ESC&14H - C0 05 F8 26
Tray 3 - ESC&15H - C0 08 F8 26
Tray 4 - ESC&120H - C0 09 F8 26
Tray 5 - ESC&121H - C0 F0 F8 26
LCC - ESC&122H - C0 F1 F8 26
Manual Feed - ESC&12H - C0 02 F8 26 (Manual mode)
Manual Feed - ESC&18H - C0 03 F8 26  (automatic mode)
Auto - ESC&17H - C0 01 F8 26
So Xerox basically gave the same answer, at least for PCL 5. However, the "1" character that you show should be "l" (lowercase L). This is Hex 6C.

Their PCL 6 hex codes are plain rubbish. The following is the correct code for
Tray 1: Ec&l1H or Hex 1B 26 6C 31 48

Note that "Ec" or "Esc" stands for the escape character (decimal 27, hex 1B)

The following link shows the ASCII character table, with decimal, octal and hex values:
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norganAuthor Commented:
Excellent, this code you just supplied has rpinted to the tray 1, what would be the tray 2 code please also if you could include a couple of the trays as you are probably aware they are different sometimes, also this printer is off site so it's vwery hard for me to confirm tray numbers
The only difference between trays is the number after the "l".

Tray 2 is Ec&l4H or 1B 26 6C 34 48 Hex
Tray 3 is Ec&l5H or 1B 26 6C 35 48 Hex

Can the Phaser 3400 really have more than 3 trays?

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The PCL6 codes given above are NOT rubbish!

PCL6 (aka PCL XL) is a totally different language to the escape-code based PCL5; it is a binary language, using postfix notation, using operators with preceding attribute lists.

The sequences shown above are the attribute values (including the attribute data type) required to select the different media sources (input trays).
I'm sorry, but I did not say the PCL codes are rubbish. If you read my comment you'll see I said they're basically the same as the ones I gave.

What I did say is that Xerox' HEX values for PCL6 are rubbish. Hex for ESC will never be C0 (decimal 192). It is and always will be 1B (decimal 27). The same comments go for the other hex values. PCL6 is indeed different from PCL5, but hex has not changed and never will.

We're both right and both wrong; neither of us (certainly not me, anyway) read the previously posted details fully.

The PCL6 (PCL XL) codes given ARE correct; to break them down, using an example:

0xc0   Data Type            = ubyte
0x04   Value                  = 0x04 (enumerated value eUpperCassette)
0xf8   Attribute Definer   = single-byte
0x26  Attribute Identifier = MediaSource

I admit that these hex values are nothing to do with <esc>&l1H - but then these characters themselves are not part of the PCL XL language, they are the PCL equivalents.
I assume (especially given the heading above them of 'Paper Source - PCL - PCL XL code') that they were only put there to compare PCL5 with PCL6, but I didn't spot that they were there at all on my cursory reading before I posted my comment).

Anyway, I'm sorry if I caused you any offence - I had no intention of doing so.
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