Computer freeze

Computer freeze every few minutes (CTRL +ALT +DEL) indicates Explorer, no answer, my OS is in french, I click to remove I get a white screen and it says : restore active desktop, my Norton AV is not there anymore, nothing left in the right bottom corner except speeker. I did all kinds of cleanup, addware removal, virus scan, I re-installed Windows, defragged the HD, the problem is always there. This has started a few days ago. HELP !!
Windows 98 SE
Celeron 400mz
256 m.ram

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Hi jacrous,
restart in safe mode and see if the behavior persists. if it stops, then restart in normal mode, use start>run>msconfig>startup tab (or something like that), deselect those that aren't critical a couple at a time and restart. try to isolate the offending background program. also look at anything starting up automatically in the start>programs>startup folder

if this doesn't fix it, then think about the hardware you have plugged in. try disconnecting peripherals one at a time and retest.

also test memory:

You might also want to check for a overheating issue. Check for dusty and/or clogged exhaust fan, intake grill/fan, cpu heatsink/fan. If clean, you can try taking the case cover off and have a deskfan blow into it (this would indicate a airflow problem).

Try repairing your IE installation (or even an upgrade to IE6!):

Add/Remove Programs, highlight Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Add/REmove, select Repair, click Next and OK.

Reboot when asked to.

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Oft times this is caused by conflicting software
go to start -->run and type
go to the startup tab, and uncheck all but systray and explorer, reboot and test
if it fixes it, go back and recheck the programs on at a time (reboot after each) until the problem reoccurs, then you have the culprit
jacrousAuthor Commented:
There seem to be a misunderstanding : It is not IE that is in trouble, it is Explorer ( the system)it freeze sometime even before the load is finished.

Sorry, all the above have been tried, didn't solve.

Nothing has been installed before this started.

Thanks, Jaro
how's it run in safe mode?

No confusion.

I know it is Explorer, but I'm betting you will be surprised.


If the IE repair doesn't do it (but do try it, please):

Try a registry repair:

Bootup with a startup floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt type

C: (press enter)

Now type:

cd windows\command (press enter)

Your prompt should read C:\Windows\Command, correct?

Now type:

scanreg /fix (space between g and /)

Press enter, wait for the process to finish and reboot WITHOUT the disk.

If that doesn't work, try a registry restore:

Bootup with a startup floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt and repeat the steps above and replace the scanreg command with:

scanreg /restore (space between g and /)

Press enter, select a date PRIOR to the problem, press enter, wait for the process to finish and reboot WITHOUT the disk.

If you don’t have a startup disk, download one from

Any luck?


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jacrousAuthor Commented:
blue_zee: The registery repair did it perfectly. Thanks a lot. Jaro


You're welcome.

Glad it worked!

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