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installer merge modules

I'm trying to repackage an old application. The application runs off an access database. I have updated the database content and I need to repackage it into a setup. I used the .NET setup wizard and managed to create an installer but I cannot figure out what merge modules I need to add to get it working on machines other than my own. I know for sure that it needs Crystal Report Merge Modules.

At first i got an error about the COMCTL32.OCX. I then merged the crystal report modules and put in the licence key from my crystal reports CD. On my last attempt I got this error when i run the application after installing -> Run-time error '91' ActiveX component can't create object

I would like to track down the merge modules / COM's Dll's I need to package and self register with the application installer to get it working on other computers.

I have an installation log file from the first time I installed ->
Title: MyStud
Source: F:\CD\setup.exe
System Restore: Enabled
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfc42.dll
RegDB Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\DAO
RegDB Val:
RegDB Name: Path
RegDB Root: 2
RegDB Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\DAO
RegDB Val: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO
RegDB Name: Path
RegDB Root: 2
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao360.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao360.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\oleaut32.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\olepro32.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\asycfilt.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\stdole2.tlb
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvbvm60.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\comcat.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfc42.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
 File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt40.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMDLG32.OCX
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Crystl32.ocx
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Crpe32.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Implode.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Co2c40en.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt20.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2bbnd.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2bdao.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2ctdao.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2irdao.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2sodbc.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Pg32.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2SMON.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Crpaig32.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\crxlat32.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u25dts.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u252000.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2l2000.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2lcom.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2ldts.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2lexch.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2lfinra.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2lsamp1.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2ixbse.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2lodbc.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2bbde.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2bbtrv.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2ctbtrv.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2bxbse.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2sfs.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2sdb2.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2molap.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2solap.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2sifmx.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2smcube.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2ssql.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2soledb.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2sora7.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\p2ssyb10.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2dapp.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fsepv.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fcr.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fdif.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2ddisk.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fxls.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fhtml.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fwks.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2dnotes.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2dmapi.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2dpost.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fodbc.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2frec.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2frdef.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2frtf.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2ftext.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2dvim.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fwordw.dll
Made Dir: D:\Program Files\MyStud\
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\UNWISE.EXE
RegDB Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\MyStud
RegDB Val: MyStud
RegDB Name: DisplayName
RegDB Root: 2
RegDB Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\MyStud
RegDB Name: UninstallString
RegDB Root: 2
Made Dir: D:\Program Files\MyStud\support
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\support\INETWH32.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSDERUN.DLL
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSFLXGRD.OCX
Made Dir: D:\Program Files\MyStud\xtras
Made Dir: D:\Program Files\MyStud\data
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\data\Adaptive.rpt
Made Dir: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\SysBoard.txt
Made Dir: D:\Program Files\MyStud\swf
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\swf\TicksRight.swf
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\swf\TicksLeft.swf
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\swf\ProgressTicks.swf
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\data\OS.mdb
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\data\Obj_Results.rpt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\data\Lsn_Results.rpt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\data\Core.mdb
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\CRYSTAL\u2fcr.dll
Made Dir: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software
Made Dir: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers
Made Dir: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer
File Copy: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\swebrs.dll
File Copy: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\sviewhlp.dll
File Copy: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\cselexpt.ocx
File Copy: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\crviewer.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfc42.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcp60.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcirt.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2irdao.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2ctdao.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2bdao.dll
Made Dir: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Report Designer Component
File Copy: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Report Designer Component\craxdrt.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ROBOEX32.DLL
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\10.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\09.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\08.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\07.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\06.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\05.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\04.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\03.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\02.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\01.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\00.txt
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\winapi.u32
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\Tms_tool.u32
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\memtools.u32
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\3DTour.a5r
File Copy: D:\Program Files\MyStud\text\11.txt
Shared DLL counter ignored:
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\VB6STKIT.DLL
Version: Following file not copied.
 File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msrd2x40.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mswdat10.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
 File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\expsrv.dll
Shared DLL counter ignored:
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Crpaig80.dll
File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\sscsdk80.dll
Version: Following file not copied.
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\scrrun.dll
File Overwrite: C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMCTL32.OCX
File Overwrite: D:\Program Files\MyStud\Unwise.exe
Made Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\MyStud
Shell Link: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\MyStud\Uninstall MyStud.lnk
Shell Link: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\MyStud\MyStud.lnk
Shell Link: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\MyStud.lnk
RegDB Key: Software\MyStud
RegDB Val: D:\PROGRA~1\MyStud
RegDB Name: PATH
RegDB Root: 2
RegDB Key: Software\MyStud
RegDB Val: D:\PROGRA~1\MyStud
RegDB Name: PATH
RegDB Root: 2
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfc42.dll
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao360.dll
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao360.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\oleaut32.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\olepro32.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\stdole2.tlb
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvbvm60.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\comcat.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfc42.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMDLG32.OCX
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Crystl32.ocx
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSDERUN.DLL
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSFLXGRD.OCX
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\swebrs.dll
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\sviewhlp.dll
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\cselexpt.ocx
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Viewers\ActiveXViewer\crviewer.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfc42.dll
Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Report Designer Component\craxdrt.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msrd2x40.dll
Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMCTL32.OCX
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1 Solution
try using Installshield..

It is smart enough..and will let u know..which merge modules are needed for ur project...

which can then be downloaded from the installshield itself..

VirusMinusAuthor Commented:
which product from installshield? Theres so many...
Installshield Express 5.0 or higher..
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VirusMinusAuthor Commented:
ok will try it and get back, although Im not confident it'll do the job. Are you sure it will look at an application EXE without source and find out what the dependencies and merge modules required are?
yes..it will ..

Try and let me know...

I've done it b4..
VirusMinusAuthor Commented:
anv, can you have a look at this also?

Question is here -> http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Programming_Languages/Visual_Basic/Q_21201844.html

In an application say I have 'a.exe' This executable starts up, does some functions and then calls 'b.exe' with some arguments or command line parameters. I need to find out what the arguments are.

If i start up 'b.exe', I'm getting a message 'Error: Not enough arguments were supplied'
hi VirusMinus

did u get the solution to this question...??

did i help u in anyways...?
VirusMinusAuthor Commented:
I haven't tried it yet.. I'll let you know in a few days.
VirusMinusAuthor Commented:
Ok managed to trial Installshield a few times. Here's whats happend ->

It did some dynamic scanning and found the dependencies and allowed me to select the required merge modules. But when I go to build the setup Installshield crashes with a 'fatal exception reading from 000x0 00000 blah blah...'

I tried adding some merge modules without scanning and it let me build the setup. But when i installed it on a new machine it got to a certain point (which is good) and then crashed saying 'Runtime error 339 comctl32.ocx not correctly registered, a file is missing or invalid'

Am googling to find what merge module this ocx file is in.. no luck so far..
VirusMinusAuthor Commented:
Brilliant, Managed to find the required merge modules and installshield did the rest!

Thanks anv!


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