Boot up stops with keyboard error

I was helping my daughter with downloading MS updates, and after installing one of them, the computer would not boot up. It stopped with a keyboard error message and the keyboard was not active.

Trying to deal with Dell techs in Singapore (or India) is frustrating, and so far unproductive. I don't believe the download is the culprit because I restored her system (by using a WinXP boot up disk) to a point prior to the install of the patch and still got the keyboard error message.

I unplugged the keyboard cable and started the computer. I then turned it off and plugged the cable back in. Starting it again still resulted in a keyboard error meesage. I checked in Device Manager and there are no yellow marks.

I don't think the keyboard died because I think it was working OK when I used the boot up disk. I am going to confirm that tomorrow by swapping keyboards.

Assuming the keyboard is still good, what else can I check to see what the problem might be?
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it sounds like a faulty keyboard. But to make sure, when you start your compter, hit the f1 ,f10, OR delete key to get into the bios(it varies on different systems). check around till you see a setting called "halt startup on" (or something similiar) and change it to nothing. that will at least disable the message you are getting so you can see if the keyboard is still working. it it works ,then you will be able to use it when windows loads. Hope this helps
I don't think microsoft update will make the keyboard not working. The problem you are having is before you load the OS. It might be the keyboard problem. Sometime you cannot expect when a hardware is faulty. If you still believe the Microsoft patch cause the problem, you can use your mouse to uninstall the patch and see what happen.

Start -> control panel -> add/remove program.

I think it will be ok after you replace the keyboard or try a usb keyboard.
I know this sounds crazy but a stuck key can cuase this as well... turn the keyboard upside down and shake it well see if there is debri under the keys..... otherwise replace keyboard as suggested above...


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lodidadAuthor Commented:
When I swapped keyboards, everything was fine. I then took a closer look at her keyboard and found that one of the small "hot keys" was stuck partially down. When I freed that up, everything was fine again.

You'd think Dell's support people might have suggested a stuck key as the cause of the problem. But I guess you only get what you pay for when you outsource tech support.
Hmz... I don't think you should blame Dell's people for this case. It is not a common problem anyway.
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