users can't get script from server

I have an a mixed platform environment with novel 4.11 + windows 2003 AD
76 PC are running with windows 2000 pro
I have 3 servers with windows 2003, 2 controllers within.
the clients uses client 32 for novel and also connecting to Microsoft domain to the windows 2003
There are no scripts running from the novel side.
Only on the windows 2003  servers.
I have almost 10 -15 Pc that in the morning that they cannot get the script. therfor no mappings fro them.
i had to manually put the script in all users\....startup directory
can anybody help me here to solve this issues??
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I'm assuming you're setup in one of two ways.  Either in AD you have set the logon script to point your script name and then put in the sysvol folder on a DC.  Else you have it setup in the group policy to push to these computers.  Let us know which way you have it set and we can go from there.
Check the DNS entries on the clients you arew having troubles with and compare them to working machines. If necessary apply static DNS entries to the troublesome clients pointing them at your 2000 DC and test again.

Check this PAQ also:
microcomp2goAuthor Commented:
I'm using a login script in the user profiles. and Script is in the netlogon share directory
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microcomp2goAuthor Commented:
All the clients are using as default dns as the Windows AD 2003 server as internal DNS.  otherwise the windows 2000 pro machines will take long time to log in to the domain.
microcomp2goAuthor Commented:
Can i make both login script to get from users profiles properties and also to force it through Group Policy?? user/administrative template/script/startup-->the location of the script(netlogon)????
microcomp2goAuthor Commented:
I just Notice that i'm running both script from GPolicy at the OU & at the user profil option too.
Can it be a conflict between both???
will the login script will run twice for the user??
You should only specify the logon script once. Personally I apply them by GPO, although the path you mention above is incorrect. Startup scripts apply to computer configuration, you should see the following option: user\admin template\scripts\logon. When you double click the logon option you should see a "show files" button. You need to click this and paste your script into the view that appears, you will notice the path is very complex as it is within the policy config files. By putting the script in here it will also replicate it accross all DC's in your estate.

If certain users can't run the logon script through the user profile settings you specify in AD then try running the script manually from the users session (start>run>\\servername\netlogon\script.bat) and see what the result is. You need to work out whether they don't have permission to run the script, or get to it in the first place.


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