what port is isqlplus using

1,)   I am using Oracle 9i client on windows 2000, trying to connect to a 9i Oracle instance on a Solaris 9 box.  I have started apache and get the Apache screen when typing in the hostname in IE.  How do I find what port that isqlplus is using.  On my 10g instance on a 2003 server, I use:


and it connects fine.  I have tried port 7779 and 7783, from searching around in the archives.  I have searched for a isqlplus.ini file on the solaris box and did not find one.  The isqlplus.conf did not have any info on the port, neither did the ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/logs/isqlplus/log.xml.

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theoradicallyAuthor Commented:
I have found that my windows Oracle 10g install configured isqlplus automatically for me.  On my Solaris Oracle 9i install, I was able to start /usr/Apache/bin/apachectl as root, but could not start Oracle/Apache as user oracle.  The only message that came back was httpd not started.  error_log only referred me to a non-existant jserv log.  I finally found /oracle/product/9.2.0/Apache/Jserv/logs/mod_jserv.log which included an error entry like this:

wrapper.env.copy: environment variable not found for DISPLAY

as sson as I set my DISPLAY variable, the Oracle/Apache server started with success.
Now, the isqlplus.conf says to copy the configuration into the oracle_apache.conf but when I use that as the configuration file, it comes back with a

apachectl: test: argument expected

So, I am making progress with this.  Oracle information searches are so poor.  100s of forum requests all asking for similar info, but no responses.  Good Oracle troubleshooting docs are hard to come by.  You know what I mean.  Making progress though, I figure the default ports will work as soon as I get a correct apache configuration file.
theoradicallyAuthor Commented:
After copying the isqlplus.conf into the httpd.conf and starting oracle/apache with that config file, I was able to log into isqlplus successfully, using:


THIS QUESTION CAN BE CLOSED.  I still have a question open on specific information on isqlplus security vulnerabilities.
theoradicallyAuthor Commented:
As I submitted on 11/11, no DBAs responded to my request, so this issue can be CLOSED.
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