VoIP behind PF firewall

Hello all!

I have VoIP device D-Link DVG-1104TH and I dont have additional IP adress.
So I want to place this device behind firewall PF (OpenBSD).
Can I Do this? Is PF support H.323 protocol?

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Whenever you are in this kind of situation, regardless of the type of device - you can use NAT (Network addres translation). Basically, you use a router to use the same IP address for several seperate devices without them being aware of it - and forward needed ports from the router to the devices. I.e. you have a LAN o one side of the router, and the internet on the other side. Computers on the LAN can have IP addresses {, ...} and you tell the router to forward all packets that arrive to port 1076 to a certain IP, that implements a service that uses the port (some kind of server). Hope this helps.

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Btw that may not be what you asked for, read your question again and realized I answered something a bit different :) However, the answer to your question would be quite alike, and you will probably need to do both what I previously said, and place the firewall before the router. Then you will have solved the no-IP problem, and only have left to allow incoming and outgoing VoIP packets, which may be possible on the basis of type of packets (VoIP) or may not, unfortunately I am not so very good at firewalls but I suspect that if there is no support for that specific packet format, you may be able to implement it by some sort of plugin or module.
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