Two Domains, Two Forests, How To Replicate Files?

I have 2 domains/forests.  Remote sites , both running win3k.  I simply want to have files hosted on site1 replicated to site2 and modifications automatically replicated between the two sites.

Crude diagram: <<W3k DC>>   <--T1 PPP LINK--> <<W3k DC>>

Both are on separate subnets and talk back and forth with no issues.  

I have attempted to configure DFS but end up after creating the root and attempting to connect to the remote domain with an error message stating: "The domain is not part of the previously specified domain" (something along those lines.)

Do I need to have a trust between these domains/forests established for replication to occur?  What would be the simplist method for setting up a task such as this under w3k?

Thank you!

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Apparantly using Domain Naming should work, but it will probably be easier to setup the trust relationship
to have 2 seperate domains/forests interacting with each other.

Here is a good article about the 2003 trust setup. (also more links at the bottom of this one)

Here is a good article on DFS in 2003.  It mentions untrusted clients/domains towards the bottom of the article.

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