Exchange 2k3 Will Not Authenticate Logins Other Than Administrator

We are having an issue with a 'fresh' Exchange2k3 installation.  Quite simply when trying to access the server either via MAPI or OWA we are only able to authenticate the Administrator account.  

No matter what groups, permissions etc... the user has, the only account allowed to login is Administrator.

Please help!! :)

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Go into your AD and right click on a user account.  Click on Exchange Tasks and make sure that OWA is enabled for the users.
Something may be wrong with the Exchange Mailbox rights.  To view this you will need to enable the advanced options in AD.

Click on View, and then select Advanced Features.

Under the properties of a user, there will now be an exchange advanced tab.  In there is the clients rights option.

Check and make sure the correct rights are set.

If there is an empty mailbox, it might also be worth trying the following,

Delete the existing mailbox, wait several minutes for replication to complete, and then recreate a new mailbox.  Wait a few more minutes and then try again.


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Yes, , you can use accounts within the active domain that FTP is hosted in
Sorry I have post this wrongly...
rfowleromaAuthor Commented:
We determined that X.25/smtp addresses were not being defined when mailboxes were being created.   After changing this all is well.  Thanks for the suggestions.
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