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Stupid question!
I save my project on a memory stick.When I want to use my project from the memory stick on an other computer(Having also VB.NET) it never works, displaying missing some files.
I try to save from Explorer to the memory stick and same problem(It's always want something from the other computer.

Thanks to help

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Probably you have added some Reference file using Browse...

Otherwise try a simple project with one form.. and transfer it.. It should not do any problem
Or if you used some webservices you may need to Update web referecnes
Did you create assemblies in GAC on your computer?
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cappelaereAuthor Commented:
no file References or web


The project always ask for a file located on the other computer (Generaly : "MyfileName".vb)
just see where the code i.e. .vb files are placed by making two different new projects in both the computer.
I think there may be somekind of setting due to whcih the Project is being saved in someother directory than the default
Extension .vb has either AssemblyInfo, Form or Module. Check if onre of this files is missing if you copied and paste. If not recreate the installation file

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